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2015Thermal-aware FPGA design for behavioral IPs HW Trojans detectionLi, Xiaotong
2013Three-dimensional model acquisition and motion synthesisNg, Wai Lam William
2001Time synchronization with access code correlator in Bluetooth systemYee, Ka-po Echo
2000Timing synchronization and retrieval in mobile communicationsLam, Yiu-wa
2020Topologies and modulation schemes for immittance based three-phase dual-active-bridge DC-DC converter to achieve wide-range high-efficiency performanceKhan, Akif Zia
2021Towards privacy protection in the era of adversarial machine learning : attack and defenseZheng, Huadi
2001Traffic modeling and bandwidth estimation for variable bit-rate (VBR) video transmissionPoon, Wai-chung
2000Traffic regulating algorithms in a dualband cellular mobile systemHui, Shui-shung
2018Transfer Chinese ink wash style into arbitrary imagesPeng, Huayi
2002Turbo coding for mobile radio applicationsQi, Feng
2020Ultracompact optical fiber sensors based on 3D µ-printed ferrule/fiber-top microstructuresYao, Mian
2005Unified feature analysis in multiple compressed domainsAu, Ka-man
2020Use of computer vision and wireless technologies for automated store front managementFung, Wai Tong
2014User-dependent voice dialling on smartphonesGao Wuhang
2015Utterance partitioning for supervector and i-vector speaker verificationRao, Wei
1999Vector quantization using quadtree and interpolative techniquesWong, Wing-man
2004Vectorial replication of heterogeneous media in a media-on-demand serverChan, Cheok-kuan Steven
2000Very low bit rate video coding techniquesTao, Hay-pui
2012Video object detection and parameterizationYam, Kin Yi
2018Video object detection/tracking with learning approachWang, Liwen