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2012Decoding of LDPC convolutional codesChan, Chi-ho
2012The deposition of thin films of ZnO from CBDWang, Nanzhu
2004Design and implementation issues of high performance cluster computingTse, Kai-wing
2001Design and implementation of cluster computing systemCheuk, Wai-kong
2019Design and optimization of behavioral dataflowsLiu, Shuangnan
2003Design and practical implementation of efficient power-factor-corrected switching regulators based on reduced redundant power processing principleCheung, Kin-ho Martin
2000Design and simulation analysis of an integrated network for rail systemsLau, Po-hon
2013Design of a 1kVA intelligent voltage sag compensator for semiconductor industrySo, Hon-chee
2011Design of a transcutaneous power regulator for artificial heartsTang, Kam-cheung
2004Design of active power-factor-correction converters for environmentally green energy management systemsWen, Wei
2007Design of an intelligent switch for fully integrated power netsWong, Siu-hong
2012Design of an optical time domain reflectometerJiang, Jingjin
2004Design of converters with integrated magneticsLai, Chi-yuen
2006Design of current-sharing control interface circuits for hot swappable N + X power modulesChen, Yi
2001Design of dispersion managed soliton systemsKwan, Yuk-ha
2016Design of dual-band reconfigurable antennasLiu, Yuqing
2002Design of integrated circuits for switching power supply with power factor correctionLeung, Tak-ming
2000Design of pass-transistor CMOS adiabatic logic and its applicationTong, Kin-chung
2003Design of power supplies for the next generation of CPUsYung, Wai-shun
2010Design optimization of switching voltage regulators with power factor correctionCheung, Kin-ho