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2009GA method for image registrationSun, Xin
2007Geometric positioning and mapping system by machine vision technologyLai, Chun-cheung
2010Graphic representation of atomistic simulation using GPUSong, Jiayu Michael
2001Harmonic compensation for nonlinear loads by active power filtersWong, Yuk-kei
2000Harmonic current reduction in SMPSYan, Kam-man
2019A heuristic model for mode-locked fiber lasersZhang, Xianting
2019HEVC based screen content coding and transcoding using machine learning techniquesKuang, Wei
2014Hierarchical architectures and learning algorithms for multi-label image classification and scene categorizationChen, Zenghai
2001Hierarchical fuzzy neural networks for nonlinear dynamic systemsAi, Wu
2003Hierarchical video streaming for layered encoded videoWong, Hau-ling
2009High performance printed organic transistors using rubrene and self-assembled monolayer (SAM) for RFID tagsIp, Kam-shing
2014How the transmit/receive antennas' polarizations affect indoor wireless radiowave propagation's temporal spreadingSung, Chun Ho
2007Human face recognitionWong, Wai-tak
2002Human face recognition based on a single front viewLin, Kwan-ho
2012Human face super-resolutionLiu, Ying
2014Hybrid intelligent optimization techniques and its industrial applicationsLai, Chung Yee Johnny
2000Image processing for automated form readingWong, Kam-wah
2000Image segmentation by scalable spatial informationHo, Kam-wai Raymond
2001Image segmentation by utilizing entropy conceptSin, Chi-fai
2012Implementation of decoders for LDPC block codes and LDPC convolutional codes based on the parallel architecture of the GPUSZhao, Yue