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2001Harmonic compensation for nonlinear loads by active power filtersWong, Yuk-kei
2000Harmonic current reduction in SMPSYan, Kam-man
2019A heuristic model for mode-locked fiber lasersZhang, Xianting
2016Heuristic search algorithms with applications to path planning on uneven terrainsMarasinghe Arachchige, Nuwan Ganganath
2019HEVC based screen content coding and transcoding using machine learning techniquesKuang, Wei
2014Hierarchical architectures and learning algorithms for multi-label image classification and scene categorizationChen, Zenghai
2001Hierarchical fuzzy neural networks for nonlinear dynamic systemsAi, Wu
2003Hierarchical video streaming for layered encoded videoWong, Hau-ling
2009High performance printed organic transistors using rubrene and self-assembled monolayer (SAM) for RFID tagsIp, Kam-shing
2020High performance swept sources for optical coherence tomographyHuang, Dongmei
2023High-performed flexible organic photovoltaics towards wearable applicationsHuang, Jiaming
2023High-spectrum-efficiency transmission technique based on full-duplex cooperative non-orthogonal multiple accessWang, Xinyu
2021High­dimensional data collection with local differential privacy : benchmark and optimizationsDuan, Jiawei
2014How the transmit/receive antennas' polarizations affect indoor wireless radiowave propagation's temporal spreadingSung, Chun Ho
2007Human face recognitionWong, Wai-tak
2002Human face recognition based on a single front viewLin, Kwan-ho
2012Human face super-resolutionLiu, Ying
2014Hybrid intelligent optimization techniques and its industrial applicationsLai, Chung Yee Johnny
2020Hybrid perovskite based flexible semiconductor devicesZhang, Lerun
2015Identification of protein-ligand binding site using machine learning and hybrid pre-processing techniquesWong, Yi Kwan Ginny