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2000Image processing for automated form readingWong, Kam-wah
2000Image segmentation by scalable spatial informationHo, Kam-wai Raymond
2001Image segmentation by utilizing entropy conceptSin, Chi-fai
2012Implementation of decoders for LDPC block codes and LDPC convolutional codes based on the parallel architecture of the GPUSZhao, Yue
2000Implementation of speech coding technique in MPEG/audio codingCheung, Sai-hang
2012An improved algorithm for producing scalable color quantized imagesChen, Zhengtong
2007Improved discrete multiwavelet transform for vector-based image codingShum, Yu-hing
2010An improved particle swarm optimization algorithm and its applicationsYeung, Chun-wan
2002Improved queuing algorithms in QoS enabled Internet nodeWong, Matthew Yun-lam
2004Improvement on location-based service over cellular networkFan, Sheong Ken
2002Improving video coding performance by jointly optimizing both compression and blocking effect eliminationCheung, Wan-fung
2016In situ programmable SoC design space explorationXu, Siyuan
2000Indoor design template for antenna planning in indoor applicationFung, Chu-kin
2014Inductive power transfer system and its applicationZhang, Wei
2009Innovative use of building reinforced steel bars to transmit signals within a buildingChan, Kam-tong Jason
1999Integrated network management system for international networkAu-Yeung, Kai-chi Leo
2004Integrated on-chip inductors for radio frequency CMOS circuitsTsui, Chiu
2002Intelligent techniques for home electric load forecasting and balancingLing, Sai-ho
2002Interactive functions in broadcast video-on-demandMa, Hon-shing
2001Interactive video-on-demand systems in multicast environmentPoon, Wing-fai Wilson