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2010Landmobile communication-channel modelling & microphone-array source localizationWu, Yue
2014Large-conversion switched-capacitor (SC) based DC-DC power convertersXiong, Song
2012LDPC code design for cooperative communicationsZhou, Weijie
2020Learning approach for image super-resolutionLiu, Zhisong
2015Learning approaches for fast image interpolation and super-resolutionHuang, Junjie
2023Learning approaches for scene localization and quality scene reconstructionLi, Chu Tak
2021Learning based optical imaging through scattering media and its applicationsZhou, Lina
2009Lifting-based wavelet transform for video codingHui, Chiu-wai
2017Light communication solution for vesselsYushkevich, Andrey
2007Light extraction enhancement on GaN based LEDs using laser assisted debonding and electrodeless photochemical etchingChan, Chung-pui
2009Living plants recognition from leaf featuresLin, Jing
2000Low noise amplifier designLo, Yee-mei
2007Low numerical dispersion error ADI-FDTD methodsSun, Man-kin
2003A low power high performance 64KBit CMOS SRAM designKam, Kwok-wah
2021Low resolution face recognitionHong, Hang
2019Low-resolution face recognitionZhang, Yan
2013Machine learning approaches for visual object detectionSun, Chensheng
2022Machine learning for facial-expression recognitionZhao, Rui
2023Machine learning for human activity analysis and recognitionLiu, Tianshan
2022Machine learning for image super-resolution in real-world applicationsXiao, Jun