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2011Econometric analyses of container shipping market and capacity developmentFan, Lixian
2020Economic analysis of location behaviour for maritime service clusterLi, Mengchi
2022The effectiveness and mechanism of digital health in patients’ medication adherence interventionYang, Hongze
2020The effects of marketing competence on customer satisfaction and loyalty in container shipping servicesLee, Chih Wen
2022EMS location-allocation problem under uncertaintiesWang, Wei
2014Essays in transport economics and policy : policy evaluations in the aviation and maritime sectorsWang, Kun
2011Essays on contract manufacturingNiu, Baozhuang
2020Essays on hgh-speed rail development : regional disparities and impacts on airport performanceLiu, Shuli
2016Essays on port system development in the new environmentKong, Xiangzheng
2017Essays on safety and security issues in shipping and transport logisticsTong, Xun
2015Essays on socially responsible operations with a focus on agricultural and health care industriesZhao, Ming
2018Essays on sustainability issues in transportation managementVejvar, Markus Simon
2010Evaluating flexible capacity strategy under demand uncertaintyYang, Liu
2020Event studies in operations and supply chain management: an overview and two empirical studiesDing, Li
2023Government subsidy plan optimization and maritime operations management in shipping emission reductionQi, Jingwen
2012Green retailing : construct measurement and its antecedent-adoption-performance relationshipsTang, Kit Yee
2017Humanitarian medical allocation for public health emergenciesHe, Yuxuan
2021The impact of corporate social responsibility on operational and financial outcomes : three empirical studies in ChinaShao, Jinan
2020Impact of high-speed rail entry on air transport : price competition, travel time difference and catchment expansionGu, Hongyi
2008The impact of ISO 9000 on operating performance and senior executive compensation : an empirical analysisLo, Kwan-yu Chris