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2016Taking charge as a double-edged sword : understanding its benefits and costs from a resource perspectiveOuyang, Kan
2021Three essays on organizational determinants of data breach riskWang, Qian
2019Three studies on exploring mobile health services in ChinaLiu, Fei
2017Three studies on exploring the effectiveness of e-WOM on customer evaluation and behaviorLi, Jing
2023Three studies on financial innovation and digital economyWang, Ziyi
2022Three studies on interfirm relationships under supplier encroachment and online channel proliferationWang, Meng
2019Three studies on supply chain information sharing and coordinationLi, Siyu
2021Too futile to speak up? How voice implementation can increase employee perceived efficacy of voiceHu, Xiaofei
2012Toward a comprehensive model of the consumer ethical decision making process : an examination of regulatory focus and ethical ideologyZou, Wenli
2010Toward a deeper understanding of information system outsourcing governance in transition economiesRen, Steven Jifan
2010Transfer of retail management know-how to ChinaLiu, Yaping Laura
2017Two analytical essays in distribution channelsFang, Dalu
2018Two essays on reduction of fake reviewsWu, Pengkun
2023Two studies of human-AI interactionsXie, Wen
2021Two studies on individuals' perception on online disinformationXu, Yukuan
2005Uncovering the dark sides of long-term marketing relationshipLaw, Chui-chui Monica
2021Understanding resilience of physician-driven online healthcare communities under exogenous shockLiu, Yinghao
2003United States direct investment in the Chinese power generation sector :an industry-level case studyKan, Man-ping Lena
2011Utilitarian and hedonic values of shopping experience in Chinese online C2C marketLiu, Fang
2012What you see may not be entirely negative : an impression management approach to job insecurity and its consequencesZhao, Hailin