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2021Damage detection and localization for train axles based on quasi-surface wavesZhang, Yuanman
2020Deep learning-based adaptive UWB/INS integrated navigation system via factor graph optimization for UAV indoor localizationSong, Yang
2013Dependence of Strouhal number on the Reynolds number in the wake of two tandem square cylindersYang, Yichun
2021Design and analysis a three-wheel electric scooter with quadrilateral-shaped structureGuo, Huize
2022Design and control of hyper redundant multi-segment pneumatic-driven continuum robotZhao, Qingxiang
2015Design and development of bio-inspired flapping wing mechanismWahafu, Muheremu
2020Design and finite element simulation of a novel FRP rebar connector under tensile loadLu, Tianhui
2019Design and optimization of a compact beam-based auxiliary device for passive and adaptive vibration controlsHua, Yingyu
2024Design and optimization of single-particle impact damperAkbar, Muhammad Ayaz
2022Design and optimization of tunable damper with coulomb and electromagnetic shunt dampingSun, Ruqi
2017Design and realization of structural materials with high strength and high ductilityLeung, Wing Yan
2021Design of a bio-inspired underwater robotZhang, Wendi
2021Design of a hybrid pipeline climbing robot and its IMU-based trajectory reconstructionJiang, Zhiyi
2015Design of a shock tube for the study of shock droplet interaction experimentsLiu, Yao
2015Design, fabrication and validation of a carbon nanotube-based sensor for in-situ acquisition of impact and guided wavesLiu, Weijian
2020Design, modelling and analysis of a biomimetic tail structure for underwater robotChao, Xu
2010Detection for residual stresses in fiber metal laminates using embedded fiber optic sensorsWang, Wang
2021Developing acoustic metamaterial with forward and inverse design methodologyGao, He
2008Development of a broadband silencer in flow ductWang, Chunqi
2011Development of a generic product design platform for household product designChan, Wang-hay Horace