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2012Identification of damages in steel structures using guided wave methodLu, Mingyu
2014Identification of structural damage based on locally perturbed dynamic equilibrium : a "pseudo-excitation" (PE) techniqueXu, Hao
2007Improvement of the mechanical properties of polymer-based materials using layered silicates for product developmentLam, Chun-ki
2020Improvement of the performance for perovskite solar cellLi, Yun
2010Improving the speech intelligibility in classroomsLam, Choi Ling Coriolanus
2020Incorporation of shear-exfoliated graphene for dye-sensitized solar cellLo, Kin Shing Kenneth
2015Influence of torsional anharmonicity and addition reactions on hydrogen abstraction reactions of methylbutanoate with hydroperoxyl radicalChen, Qinxue
2023The influences of glass-glass interfaces on mechanical properties of metallic nanoglasses : insights from experimental studies and molecular dynamics simulationsLi, Tian
2008Inner undercut feature recognition and automatic generation of side actions and inside pins for an injection mold systemRan, Jiaqi
2017An insight into nonlinearity of guided ultrasonic waves in fatigued materials based on a nonlinear local interaction simulation approach : theory, modelling and experimental validationRadecki, Rafal Zbigniew
2016An insight into wave propagation in high-speed train structures and Mass Transit Railway's rails with application to structural health monitoring of railway assetsLiu, Jing
2024Integrated remote sensing and machine learning techniques for solar forecasting and resource assessmentChen, Shanlin
2000Intelligent outboard engine contolWong, Chun-kong
2004Interfacial behaviours of smart compositesPoon, Chi-kin
2020Interfacial mechanics in bi-materials and structuresGao, Yang
2003Interference between an oscillating-cylinder wake and a neighbouring flow fieldLai, Wing-cheong
2022Investigating the mechanical performance of the triply periodic minimal surface based metallic lattices made by micro laser powder bed fusionFu, Jin
2020Investigation of a triboelectric generator: experiments and modelingYang, Yi
1999Investigation of acoustic emission as an indicator for process condition monitoringLee, Chi-kai
1999An investigation of axial shortening effects on the vibration frequencies of a rotating constrained flexible robotic arm carrying an end massYau, Tai-wai David