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2022Quantitative characterization of three-dimensional fatigue cracks using nonlinear ultrasonic waves : a framework from analytical modeling to noncontact implementationXu, Lei
2024Reactive task planning for robotic sequential manipulation of rigid/soft objectsMa, Wanyu
2020A real-time object inspection system for unmanned aerial vehiclesFeng, Yurong
2017The relationship between microstructural evolution and mechanical behavior of boron steel 22MnB5 in hot stamping process / Li Fangfang.Li, Fangfang
2000Reliability centred maintenance applied to platform screen doors of the Hong Kong Mass Transit RailwayKwan, Chi-kit
2013Research on pleated nanofiber filter for removing sub-micron aerosolsXiao, Xiyu
1997Residual vibration free maneuvering of overhead craneLee, Siu-wah
2022Resolution-lossless ultrasound tomography for health monitoring of composite structures : from nanocomposite sensor network development to machine learning-enabled imagingYang, Jianwei
2021A robotic line scan system with adaptive ROI for inspection of defects over convex free-form specular surfacesHuo, Shengzeng
1999Robust active vibration control of thin plate systems with parameters uncertaintiesLi, Yiyang
2020Robust control and filtering for systems with state-dependent uncertainties and applicationsLI, Zhengchao
2017Room temperature methane gas sensing properties based on graphene related materialsLam, King Cheong
2022Seeing the invisible : development of a multi-modal vision system and its applicationZhang, Tanhao
2011Shape control synthesis and shape dependent electrochemical performances of CuO/Cu₂O nanoparticlesYu, Haolong
2015Shear band nucleation and indentation size effect in metallic glassWang, Song
2017Shear-horizontal waves generation and reception using piezoelectric wafers for thin-plate structure damage detectionWen, Fuzhen
2015Silencing performance and aeroacoustic-structural responese of flexible panel silencerLi, Ka Hin
2015Silicon nanoparticle-based composite as anode material for lithium ion batteriesWang, Qian
2021Silicon-based composites as anodes for lithium ion batteriesWang, Qian
2012Simulation and modeling of flow-induced defect formation in meso-scaled plastic deformationWang, Jilai