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2009Balance function of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Shum, Bo-man Selina
2004Balance performance between community-dwelling stroke fallers and non-fallersCheung, Yik-mei
2010Balance performance in children with Developmental Coordination DisorderLee, Yuen-li Velma
1999The balance performance of Tai Chi and non-Tai Chi practitioners in HongKongNg, Pui-ling Vivien
2010Beliefs in healthy diet and physical activities among parents of school-age children with intellectual disabilityTang, Pui-yu
2023Biofeedback gait retraining under real-world running conditionsChan, Yau Shan Zoe
2008Biomechanical analysis of human motion on a horse-riding machineNg, Chu-kei Richy
2001Biomechanical and electromyographic analyses of muscle strengtheningLaw, Ka-yee Rainbow
2017Biomechanical assessment and electromagnetic intervention for diabetic ulcersChoi, Ming Chun
2009The biomechanical property of the foot-ankle complex and the balance performance for people with diabetes mellitusChau, Mei-wa Rosanna
2021Bone and muscle properties in individuals with chronic strokeMiller, Tiev B
2011Bone density and macrostructure of the radius in patients after chronic stroke : relationship to muscle function and cardiovascular healthCheng, Qun Ada
2014Brain mechanism underlying Iowa gambling task : an fMRI studyMa, Shuangye
2013Brain-machine-muscle interfaces for restoring locomotion after spinal cord injuriesAlam, Md. Monzurul
2007Can acu-TENS improve quality of sleep?Fong, Ka-chun.
2001Can home based resistance training improve perceived and functional abilities for community dwelling elders?Lai, Chung-biu
2012Can mini-BESTest predict recurrent falls in patients with Parkinson's disease? : a six months prospective studyLau, Nga Chi
2001Can pre-emptive and continued transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) improve the management of post-operative knee pain?Wang, Ninghua
2011Can Tai Chi improve the balance control of elderly persons with visual impairment?Chen, Wei Ellen
2003The cardiopulmonary fitness of asthmatic children and its relationship with airway reactivityTse, Yuk-han