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2010Influence of vestibulo-ocular and oculo-motor functions on motor performance of school-aged children with development coordination disorders : a pilot studyFan, Wing-nga Olivia
2021Information and value during multi-attribute learning and decision makingGiron, Cristian Geovanny
2012An innovative assessment of the biomechanical properties of plantar tissues and diabetic foot ulcersChao, Yuet Lan Clare
2011An intelligent rehabilitation system for cognitive rehabilitationYip, Chi-bun
2012An interactive physio-psychological model on understanding stress among individuals performing sedentary computer tasksWang, Yuling
2012Intrathalamic interaction in the medial geniculate bodyGuo, Shanshan
2007Investigating the back muscle fatigue of patients with unilateral chronic low back painAuw-Yang, Ching-ngai
2010Investigation of running shoe design on the foot kinematics, kinetics, and muscle recruitment pattern in people with overpronation problemCheung, Tsz-hei Roy
2000The investigation of stance symmetry, standing balance and physical mobility in patients with acute hemiplegic strokeChau, Mei-wa Rosanna
2009An investigation of subjective wellbeing and spirituality among older adults in Hong Kong using the personal wellbeing indexWong, Yin-yee Idy
2015Investigation on the effectiveness of two different therapeutic exercise programs in patients with chronic mechanical neck pain : a randomized controlled trialLaw, Yuk Hung Ellis
2013The involvement of entorhinal cortex in cross-modal associative memoryLiao, Zhengli
2004Job termination among individuals with severe mental illness participating in a supported employment programMak, Chi-shing
2005Job-specific social skills training programme for people with severe mental illness in Hong KongCheung, Chi-chuen Leo
2009Joint hypermobility in flight attendants with musculoskeletal painTo, Pui-man Jessica
2015Kinematic and electromyographic analysis of wheelchair fencingChung, Wai Man
2012Kinesthetic motor imagery among tai-chi practitioners : an event-related potential studyChen, Pang Wai William
2019Kinetics control in runners in natural-running conditions after completion of a laboratory-based gait retraining programZhang, Hanwen
2006Low level laser therapy in the management of postmastectomy lymphoedemaLau, Wing-lum Rufina
2002Lumbar spinal motion analysisWong, Wai-ning