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2007Can acu-TENS improve quality of sleep?Fong, Ka-chun.
2001Can home based resistance training improve perceived and functional abilities for community dwelling elders?Lai, Chung-biu
2012Can mini-BESTest predict recurrent falls in patients with Parkinson's disease? : a six months prospective studyLau, Nga Chi
2001Can pre-emptive and continued transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) improve the management of post-operative knee pain?Wang, Ninghua
2011Can Tai Chi improve the balance control of elderly persons with visual impairment?Chen, Wei Ellen
2003The cardiopulmonary fitness of asthmatic children and its relationship with airway reactivityTse, Yuk-han
2008Case management approach for return to work of injured workers : studies on effects on system and workers' readinessLai, Hon-sun
1999Challenging behaviors of patients with severe developmental disabilities in a hospitalChan, Wai-hung
2012Change in bone density, geometry and bone strength index of the radius and tibia in chronic stroke survivorsYang, Zhen Hui
2007Change in work performance over time of persons with mental illness attending vocational rehabilitation programChan, Fung-cheung
2007Changes of pain threshold by auricular laser therapy with different energy densitiesLee, Ho-wai
2004The Chinese version of assessment of interpersonal problem solving skillsLeung, Kai-sun
2004The choice of electrode placement for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)Chan, Wing-yee
2009Clients' perspective on modified constraint induced movement therapy for students with hemiplegic cerebral palsy : a pilot study in Hong Kong special schoolsYuen, Man-lung Ricky
1998The clinical effect of oxygen supply by different lengths of nasal cannula from oxygen concentratorChan, Choi-wah
2018The clinical efficacy of the 3D-printed transparent facemask on management of facial burn scarsWei, Yating
2001Clinical screening of developmental dysplasia of the hip in neonates by acoustical techniqueHuang, Xiaolin
2007Cognitive predictors of functional impairment in patients with Alzheimer's diseaseLeung, Sze-nok Frank
2006Cognitive rehabilitation programme for persons with traumatic brain injury : development and evaluationDou, Zulin
2020Cognitive-motor interference during walking after stroke : relationship to type and complexity of cognitive and mobility tasks, and underlying neural mechanismsTsang, Sau Lan