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2017Fixing troubled companies and sustainable emergence : evidence from ChinaLeung, Kim Ming Kenneth
2013Flow signals from advertising, research and development expenditures : their impacts on firm valueFong, Lee Wan
2017The formation of territorial awareness on group level and the influence to the final performanceGao, Xinyong
2016Goal orientations, decision motives and academic performanceWong, Tik Lun Franko
2016Helping behavior under uncertainty : an empirical study based on the car-pooling scenario王永; Wang, Yong
2014Home bias, investor sentiments and international portfolio managementChiang, Hsin Eric
2016How CEO entrepreneurial orientation influences exploration and exploitative innovation : the moderating role of CEO capability, firm resources and environmental uncertainty简世雄; Chien, Shih-hsiung James
2015The illiquidity of the Asian USD bond market : does illiquidity explain the credit spread puzzle?Cheon, Byung Kyu
2017The impact of corporate governance on firm performance during crises : an empirical study for the global ship-owning industryBao, Yidong
2016The impact of customer resource sharing systems on cross-selling performance王聪; Wang, Cong
2017The impact of data analysis capability on firm performance and the mechanism of action : a perspective of organizational learning陈甫; Chen, Fu
2013The impact of dynamic capabilities, manufacturing flexibility, organizational ambidexterity on firm performance : a theoretical model and an empirical studyTao, Shiu Chung Spencer
2014The impact of information exchange on strategic alliance performance in an uncertain environment : a study of contractual joint ventures in ChinaKwok, Chi Yun Francis
2015Impact of logo color diversity on consumer judgment and preferenceYin, Ching Yuen Christopher
2016The impact of multiple fundraising goals on charitable donationsYam, Yuen Man
2016The impact of reporting frequency on the information quality of share price : some evidence from the Chinese state-owned enterprisesLee, Yin Toa
2016The impact of share issue privatization of subsidiaries on the operating performance of the central state-owned enterprises in China赵青春; Zhao, Qingchun
2018Is the omission of material weakness disclosures related to management and auditors?Leung, Danson
2014Is there a "real" trend in the real estate market? : evidence from the country-level real estate indicesLai, Man Yuk Raymond
2014IT 使能中介能力对电子中间商绩效影响研究薛光春; Sit, Kwong Chun Tony