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2013Integrating distributed renewable energy sourcesJiang, Chong
2019An intelligent e-healthcare system for domestic care industryWong, Siu Fung Bennie
2019Intelligent shadow matching based on improved multi-classifier for urban positioningXu, Haosheng
2023An intelligent system for facilitating fuzzy front-end of innovation in the new product development processLi, Shui Ming
2022Investigation of digital image forensics techniques for video applicationLaw, Sai Chung
2017Investigation of wireless charging lanes for electric vehiclesChen, Kaiwen
2016Islanding detection for distributed generationLi, Li
2020Knowledge driven decision analytics for corporate client relationship managementLaw, Kin Sang
2018A knowledge management system for managing the technology for the updating and changing of standards in the testing, inspection and certification industryWong, Wai Kiu
2014Leading edge vortex flow control on a delta wing with dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuatorsShen, Lu
2011Lightpath affiliation graph wavelength assignment approach for mesh WDM network planningWoo, Ka-chung Andrew
2018Low cost and efficient method in cracks detection of piezoelectric materialsTsang, Kwok On
2019Low-cost visual light FBG sensor interrogation systemQian, Hao
2013Low-resolution face recognitionQu, Tong
2014LTE based seamless and real-time infotainment for high speed railway systemLi, Man Fai
2018Machine learning approach for predicting the elastic properties and glass forming ability of metallic glassesXiong, Jie
2017Mechanics-based investigation of the durability of energy materialsXue, Yanwei
2014Mechanism analysis on the power-train systemSun, Xi
2014Microstructures and mechanical properties of AIxCrCuFeNi₂high entropy alloysNie, Zhengwen
2016Modeling, simulation and experiment of human-like walking for bipedal robotShi, Chao