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2013Effective content-based image retrieval using bag-of-local features with relevance feedbackCho, Wai Shing
2016Effects of headway-based control on bus schedule deviations under random passenger arrivals.Tang, Peiqi
2019Effects of owl-inspired leading-edge serrations on sound suppression and aerodynamic performanceWei, Chong
2014The effects of the wing motion on the aerodynamics of a MAVShi, Lisong
2019Efficient emotion recognition algorithms for mobile applicationsWang, Yixin
2016Efficient mixed-organic-cation perovskite solar cells using metal-organic framework as mesoporous scaffoldLao, Xiangzhou
2012Efficient techniques for human face recognitionPong, Kuong Hon
2013Electric vehicles and smart grid integrationWang, Wei
2013Electrolytic capacitor-less LED driversZhang, Shijian
2016Electrospinning carbon nanofibers encapsulating transition metal carbides/oxides nanoparticles for high performance lithium ion battery anodesLyu, Linlong
2015Eliminating harmonics in tiled screensChen, Xiao
2016Enhencement of bonding strength of a glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) composite lap joint using nanoclay/epoxy adhesive at low temperature environmentZhang, Xiaoqing
2021Evaluating timing fundamentals for IoT devicesMembrey, Peter Loi
2014Evaluation of bolt looseness in bolted structures using nonlinearities of lamb wavesWei, Junhao
2014Evaluation of fatigue damage in bolted structures using nonlinearities of lamb wavesWang, Binghan
2016Evaluation of the holomorphic embedding method for contingency analysisZhang, Yunpeng
2016The evolution of helicoptersChen, Rui
2017Experimental investigation on the collision of binary droplets of water in atmospheric airChen, Xinmeng
2016Experimental study on a plate freely falling in quiescent waterGao, Han
2017Experimental study on an autorotation mechanism for hydrokinetic energy harvestingBao, Xueyan