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2023Jo's feminist quest : a corpus-based study of the characterisation in Chinese translations of little womenTao, Yuan
2022The journey of Zhu Bajie’s image to the West : a corpus-based studyLuo, Jinru
2021Language and ethnic identity among the Hindu Sindhi diaspora of Hong KongBhavnani, Geeta Gobindram
2016Language proficiency and language aptitude in the retention of English as a foreign language in ChinaCui, Song
2017Lao She's Cha Guan (teahouse) and its English translations : a systemic functional perspective on drama translationWang, Bo
2023(lm)politeness, impression management, and customer communication in E-commerce discourse : how E-retailers battle against critical reviewsChen, Jingli
2017Media representation of China's image : a linguistic study of British and China's mainstream English newspaper reporting of belt and road initiativeZhang, Lejin
2021Media representations of China’s image : a comparison of China Daily and South China Morning PostYang, Weizhong
2019Media representations of Macau's gaming industry in greater China : a corpus-based critical discourse analysisWu, Yuxi
2022A metadiscursive analysis of insurance contract provisions : an intra- and inter-genres comparisonHuang, Hui
2023Metaphor patterns of the COVID-19 pandemic in news pictures in mainland China : a corpus-based critical metaphor analysisFu, Feifei
2023Multimodality, social media and university branding : a social semiotic analysis of Chinese universities’ identity construction on WeiboLi, Enyao
2023Multimodality, social media, and discursive governance : a multimodal analysis of COVID-19 related news on TikTok in ChinaWu, Yuanzheng
2018News discourse and identity construction on corporate websites : a corpus-assisted comparative study of top 10 Chinese and American banking corporationsQin, Yong
2020On the language of projection across registersLiu, Xiangdong
2019Organic metaphors in English real estate reports in ChinaWu, Haibin
2021Political leadership discourse of China and its representations in global media : a critical discourse analysis of “Chinese Dream”Zhang, Junchen
2022Polysemes in vocabulary learning of Chinese as a second language : from the perspectives of semantic transparencyNuo, Min
2021Popularization of science through the 'visible scientists' : a corpus-driven study of discursive construction and realization of the nobel laureates' scientific achievementsWong, Shuk Han Alicia
2023A pragmatic analysis of swearing as a discursive strategy in legislative council meetings in Hong KongLau, Chin Man