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2004The effects of three pressure relief schedules on skin microcirculationLeung, Yat-sing Jonathan
2003Effects of transverse carpal ligament compression on nerve conduction findings in patients with carpal tunnel syndromePun, Yi-po
2002The effects of weight of school bag on gait for subjects with and without adolescent idiopathic scoliosisAu-Yang, Choi-kam Alexander
2001Electomyographic frequency changes in the erector spinae and multifidus muscles during isokinetic trunk movement with different speedsSo, Man-lan Vienna
1999Evaluate the effect of mobile phone on medical instrumentChau, King-man
2002A finite element study of the effects of mechanical loading on the fluid flow and biomechanical response of the intervertebral discCheung, Tak-man Jason
2001Footprint parameters of the young adult and the growing age groupBut, Kim-wah
2000Gait evaluation of orthotic treatment for subject with hemiplegic foot-dropLam, Yiu-ping Fermat
2000Head support for the elderlyChan, Chun-chung Walter
2000Immediate effect of dorsiflexion night splint in combination with semi-rigid insole for plantar fasciitisKwong, Terrence W. C
2004Impact of low cost prosthesis (monolimb) on quality of life in geriatric leprosy amputeesYu, Lai-yin.
2004In-vivo strain measurement of surgically repaired achilles tendon under isometric contraction using real-time ultrasonographyChan, Yim-ling Jolinna
2003Insole design based on pressure distribution and foot shape under different weight bearing conditionsTsung, Yuk-san Bonnie
2003Kinematic study of spinal manipulationNgan, Jim M. W
2005Measurement of the sound speed in articular cartilage in-vitroPatil, Sushil G
2002Neuromusculoskeletal modeling of the elbow joint in subjects with and without spasticityKoo, Kwok-keung Terry
2000A new method for the fabrication of custom contoured cushion using pressure mappingSy, Pui-lam Carmen
2002A new perspective in clinical assessment of seat interface pressure measurementNg, Hoi-kwai Vincent
2002Objective and subjective measures of the provision of custom special seating systemChan, Shuk-wai Jenny
2001Pedobarography and motion analysis for the patients after operative fixation of calcaneal fractureTsui, Hon-for