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2000Earnings management : income smoothing incentives in Hong KongChan, Chi-wan Owen
1997The earthquake resistance of building structuresChiu, Fook-luen Gordon
1997ECG pattern recognitionYiu, Siu-keung
2000eCommerce on property market : virtual home on InternetLaw, Kam-hung
2001Economic dispatch in power system by Genetic Algorithm and Dynamic ProgrammingSo, Wai-sing James
2000The economics of software maintenance cost model for software maintenanceLam, Hoi-hing
1995EDDDS : knowledge-based approach to distributed database designWan, Yui-sum
1999The effect of 35% hydrogen peroxide on the fracture toughness of hybrid composite resinsLam, Lai-yuen Stella
1999Effect of a metatarsal stimulus on the loading response in the gait of children with hemiplegic cerebral palsyWong, Kin-on Dicky
2000Effect of age and wrist positioning on repeatability of power grip strength and isokinetic performance of wrist musclesFong, Wai-kuen
1999The effect of an exercise training program on the fitness level of sedentary secondary school students in Hong KongCheung, Yuk-wa Catherine
2000The effect of an extended therapy program in geriatric patients with hip fractureTse, Shuk-fong
1999Effect of angle on forced convection in air-cooled isosceles triangular ductChan, Tin-cheung
2002The effect of building design, regulation and operation on the facility management of performing arts auditoria in Hong KongTaylor, Mark
1995The effect of control strategies on professional-hospital conflict : can participative management reduce the level of conflict between the hospital management and the clinical professionals?Cham, Wai-man
2002The effect of counter force for earm brace on neuromuscular performance of wrist extensorsChan, Hiu-ling
1999The effect of different pattern of relaxed breathing exercises on the resting energy expenditure in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseChow, Chi-sum Cedric
1999Effect of elbow position on hand grip strength development & repeatability of measurementFan, Chi-chung Andy
2003The effect of exercises on the functional and biomechanical performance of healing tendon in a rat modelSee, Kee-ngan Edwina
2002Effect of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor and ciliary neurotrophic factor on motoneuron survival and regeneration after spinal root avulsionWong, Wai-man