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2002Can we talk about death?Cheung, Chi-man
2004Care providers' perspectives of tube-feeding decision-making for patients with advanced dementiaChan, Yu-hong
2005Caring for stroke-impaired elderly family members : a study of family adaptation in a Chinese contextLee, Lai-tong Regina
2015Characterisation of nasal colonization and hand contamination of food handlers with Staphylococcus aureus and investigation of virulence and resistance determinants of isolatesHo, Jeffery
2007Chinese female nurses' perceptions of and sensitivity towards male genitalia related careZang, Yuli
2009Clinical evaluation of non-invasive blood glucose measurement by using near infrared spectroscopy via inter- and intra-subject analysisLam, Chak-hing
2007Clinical evaluation of the effect of an alternative topical essential oil on clients with tinea pedisChan, Po-ming
2006Collaborative action research in child health promotion : a school nursing experienceWu, Sau-ting Cynthia
2005A community-based and family-centered care approach for stroke survivors in Wuhan city of China (Part I)Li, Sijian
2005A community-based and family-centered care approach for stroke survivors in Wuhan city of China (Part II)Li, Sijian
2007Comparative study of the antimicrobial activities of three antiseptics : a pilot studyWu, Sin-ying
2009A comparison of effectiveness in hand washing technique using computer assisted teaching (CAT) method and conventional teaching method among children with mental retardation (MR)Wong, Pui-kwan Anita
2002A comparison of the characteristics of elderly people with dementia and the needs of their caregivers in community and institutional settingsTse, Lai-kwan Donna
2002A comparison of the upper and lower body forced-air warming blankets during abdominal surgeryWong, Ying-hon
2009Comparison of two models of nurse-led hypertension clinics in a primary health care settingChiu, Wai-hing Caroline
2010A comparison on effect of music on relaxation amongst people with and without music trainingTung, Ling-ngai
2008A comparison on the disinfecting effect of patchouli essential oil and Clorox(R) for gram positive and gram negative bacteriaTam, May-nar
2004Concurrent validation of the Adolescent Health Quotient Questionnaire (AHQQ)Chiu, Kwan-yin
2008Construction & validation of the Working with Dysphagia Questionnaire (WDQ) : an investigation on dysphagia knowledge & feeding practices of direct care staff in residential settingsNgai, Ka-yan
2005The contribution of working memory, conceptual knowledge and calculation principles to the individual and group differences in arithmetic competency of elementary school childrenWong, Yau-kai