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2021Sustainability evaluation framework for effective decision-making in urban wastewater and sludge treatment systemsLam, Chor Man
2022Sustainable 2,3-butanediol production from lignocellulosic biorefinery : characterization, optimization, and omics-based studies on newly isolated fermentation strainsRehman, Shazia
2011Sustainable buildings, energy efficiency and climate change : an investigation of financial & non-financial benefits from energy efficiency of sustainable buildings contribution factors to mitigate climate change : a survey in ShenzhenZhang, Kaixuan Vicky
2014Sustainable construction process : using construction virtual prototyping technology for visualization and simulation of CO₂emissionsWang, Haoran
2020Sustainable construction using wood waste gasification biochar in reactive MgO and Portland cement composites with carbon dioxide curingZhang, Zihan
2021Sustainable fashion product development : with application in fashion sportswearFung, Yi Ning
2023Sustainable stormwater control and management with resilience-based optimization framework of green-grey infrastructures under climate change uncertaintiesTansar, Husnain
2008Sustainable thermal comfortLeung, Suet-ha
2009Sustainable urban renewal model for a high density city : Hong KongLee, Ka-lee Grace
2002Sustainable water supply in Hong KongLuk, Shiu-fai
2019Suture thread detection and 3D model reconstruction for automated surgical knot tying with a vision-based robotic systemLu, Bo
2009Swallowing function of head and neck cancer patients after concomitant radiotherapy : a comparative study between IMRT and conformal techniqueChan, Shing-chi
2012A switched-capacitor based large-voltage-gain converterCheng, Wai-sing
2000Switching behavior of basic necessaries in Hong Kong supermarket, taking cooking oil as the focus of studyChan, Wai-yin Robyn
1999A switching regulator for PWM invertersMan, Tze-kau
2000Symbiosis of fuzzy systems and genetic algorithms for modelling and controlChan, Ping-tong
2000Symbol synchronization of Code Division Multiple Access mobile communication systemLai, Man-yee
2015Symbol-level information extraction : from bits to symbols in wireless network cross-layer designXiong, Tao
1999Symmetrical learning behavior in Cantonese-speaking children with Down syndrome, and with other mental retardation : a comparative studyLau, Wai-yin
2018Synaesthesia, metaphor, and cognition : a corpus-based study on synaesthetic adjectives in Mandarin ChineseZhao, Qingqing