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2021Visit intention to emerging destinations through social media marketing promotion : the case of Saudi ArabiaAlhuqbani, Fahad Mohammed A
2002Visual functions before and after LASIKChan, Wing-wo Jay
2018Visual learning of pairwise similarity and relative order relationshipsWang, Faqiang
2021Visual signal processing of the myopic mouse retinaBanerjee, Seema
2022Visual smart navigation for UAV mission-oriented flightDuan, Ran
2009Visualization and classification of the heart sounds of patients with pulmonary hypertensionChen, Jinghan
2020Visualization of dynamic graphsWang, Yunzhe
2022Visualizing the domain and trend of BIM research : a bibliometrics analysis and reviewLi, Dawei
2019Visualizing time series data with temporal matching based t-distributed stochastic neighbor embeddingWong, Kwan Yeung
2019Vital signs monitoring based on Few-mode fiber sensorsHuang, Zhenyu
2022Vital signs monitoring based on optical fiber sensorsMan, Yiu Ming
2016Vitamin D accumulation in king oyster mushroom stimulated by UV radiationZhang, Hailong
2016Vitamin D status in young adults in Hong Kong : a biomarker approach to a public health concernWang, Weilan Erica
2008Vocational needs of young adults with hearing impairmentChui, Shin-han Judy
2012Voice activity detection for nist speaker recognition evaluationsYu, Hon-bill
2005Voice of discontent : youth and politics of music in post-1997 Hong KongChan, Kar-chung
2000The voice of siblings : the emotion, behavior and personality of school-aged children who have a sibling with severe mental handicapCheng, Luk-kam
2001Voice over IP for a corporate networkCheung, Cheuk-man
2017Volatility forecasting with fuzzy methodsWei, Zikai
2015Voltage and reactive power control considering smart metering technologies on distribution networksTang, Yu