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2003Testing multimedia software using Hybrid Control Flowgraph-Petri Net approachCheng, Ka-fai
1997Testing of projection formula for the requirements of operating theatres in public hospitals of Hong KongLee, Yuen-yin Rosa
2014Testing serial correlation in partially linear additive modelsYang, Jin
2001Text dependent speaker verification with Hidden Markov ModelWoo, Chi-wang
1998Text-independent speaker verification based on vector quantizationWong, Chuen-kau
1998A text-independent speaker verification system based on Gaussian mixture speaker modelsWong, Chi-bun
2012Texton encoding based texture classification and its applications to hand-back skin texture analysisXie, Jin
2023Textual variations between translated and non-translated English corporate annual reports : a corpus-assisted investigationWang, Zhongliang
2014The texture of multimodal metaphors in audiovisual moving imagesLam, Yiu Shun Wilson
2014TFE3, a novel diagnostic marker for solid pseudopapillary tumor of pancreasChan, San Sheung
2008The theme park experience : its nature, antecedents and consequencesLo, Shuk-ting Doris
2011Theoretical analysis of effects caused by mixing proportion on plume potentialZhao, Le
2020Theoretical and experimental analysis of machinability and surface integrity of bulk metallic glass in ultra-precision diamond cuttingChau, Sau Yee
2015Theoretical and experimental investigation of 3D-structured surface generation by computer controlled ultra-precision polishingHo, Lai Ting
2020Theoretical and experimental investigation of carbide-bonded graphene-assisted hot embossing of plano-convex glass microlens arraysYang, Gao
2022Theoretical and experimental investigation of the tool indentation effect on ultra-precision tool servo diamond cutting of three-dimensional microstructured surfacesYuan, Wei
2023Theoretical and experimental investigations of magnetic field-assisted ultra-precision machining of titanium alloysKhalil, Ahmed Kamel Ali Bayoumy
2003Theoretical and experimental studies on dynamic impact on brittle solidsWu, Shengzhi
2012A theoretical and experimental study on the performance of an air-to-air total heat exchangerChow, Chi Fung Taylor
2020Theoretical and numerical investigation on vibrational nonequilibrium effect in detonationUy, Chun Kit