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2014Dietitian-led intervention on weight loss and quality of life of overweight and obese patients in primary careYeung, Yuk-mei Mimi
2017Difference between daylight factor and climate-based measures for high-rise residential buildings in Hong KongLam, Tang Ho Gabriel
2005Difference in time spent in different static trunk postures in special school workers with and without low back painWong, Chun-hung Kelvin
2001The differences in job satisfaction and cultural dimensions between western managers and Hong Kong managers in DCHChan, Chin-keung
2018The different light environment's influence on people's vision of white light on electronic screenZhao, Haochun
2012Differential effects of memory encoding : differentiation between perceptual and semantic processingKuo, Chih Chien Michael
2012Differential evolution based economic dispatch of cogeneration power plants with wind powerWang, Danqi
2017Differential outcomes of temperamental inhibition in social development : interaction between child temperament and parenting practicesLuke, Yeung Felix
2007Differential protein expressions in the emmetropization of chick retina by a proteomic approachLam, Chuen
2008Differential proteome analysis of Pseudomonas syringae maculicola M6 in response to infection into Arabidopsis thalianaButt, Kwok-chu
2010Diffusion controllable system with nanoporous alumina membraneYum, Kee-him
1995Digital adaptive protection system for a distribution networkLo, Kai-on
2013Digital camera identification for forensics applicationsChan, Lit Hung
2021Digital design and optimization of ultimate-shannon-limit-approaching channel codesJiang, Sheng
1999Digital money on the InternetYau, Leroy
2007Digital music retailingChan, Ka-fai Keith
2018Digital printing in unconventional knitwear designLo, Ka Wai
2015Digital signal processing for laser phase noise compensation in high-capacity digital coherent transmission systemsGao, Yuliang
2013Digital tongue color imaging and analyzing for Traditional Chinese medicine applicationsWang, Xingzheng
1998Digital value-stored tickets for Internet paymentLo, Chun-pong