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2012Feasibility analysis of large scale electric vehicles penetration into electric power gridPan, Sheng
2023Feasibility and acceptability of a community-based post-operative fall prevention program in improving physical function and balance of patients following total knee arthroplastyLo, Wai Ting
2015The feasibility and effects of a 'Caring for Couples Coping with Cancer (4Cs)' programme to support couples coping with cancer as a unitLi, Qiuping
2017The feasibility and effects of a 'partnership and coping enhancement programme (PCEP)' for couples undergoing in vitro fertilization treatmentYing, Liying
2017Feasibility evaluation of using reverse cycle room air-conditioner for combined space and water heating in residential buildings in Hong KongNg, Kin Wah
2023The feasibility of an online intergenerational co-parenting programme for father-mother-grandmother triad on the intergenerational co-parenting relationship in the perinatal periodXiao, Xiao
2010The feasibility of contact heat evoked potentials (CHEPs) in early detection of symptomatic diabetic distal symmetric polyneuropathy (DSP)Wong, Man Chun
2004Feasibility of e-learning : a case study on e-learning in logistics industry in Hong KongTan, Tony
1999Feasibility of implementing ABC/M : a case study in Hong KongTse, Wing-ning
2009Feasibility of integrating structural analysis and monitoring with short-term resource activity scheduling simulationChen, Yang
1996The feasibility of publication sales on internet in Hong KongChiu, Siu-kwan Andrew
2019Feasibility of recycling sewage sludge ash as construction materialsChen, Zhen
2017Feasibility studies on selected strains of microalgae for biofuel production in Hong KongTse, Pui Kam
1999A feasibility study & engineering design of wind power in Hong KongFung, Wai-shing
1999Feasibility study and engineering design of bio-waste energy in Hong KongSudarsan, Sharma
2002A feasibility study for adopting CIMM technology in a hospitalLo, Wing-kwong
2019Feasibility study for the construction of vertical greenery system with hydrilla verticillata and ludwigia glandulosa as part of the sustainable urban drainage system in Hong KongChan, Yuen-him Jonathan
2021A feasibility study of a whatsapp-delivered transtheoretical model-based intervention to promote healthy eating habits for male firefighters in Hong Kong : a cluster randomized controlled trialNg, Wing Man
2015A feasibility study of dynamic tension measurement and intracellular calcium concentration measurement in intact muscle tissue by using Fura-2Li, Mengjin
2009Feasibility study of indoor temperature setting at 25.5 oC for energy savingWang, Rui