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2012Filamentous foaming problem control in activated sludgeHuangfu, Yanchong
1995Filamentous growth in activated sludgeCheung, Wing-leung Montgomery
2022Filial anxiety and preparation for caregiving among one-child generations in ChinaLiu, Chang
2003Filipino entrepreneurs in Hong KongButt-Gow, Jacqueline C
1995The financial and operating performance of newly privatized firms : an empirical analysis of "H" share companies listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong KongKwan, Ka-fai
2014Financial exclusion in the context of the global financial crisis : implications for social work practice in Hong KongKwok, Chi-ying
2022Financial management and procurement approaches of modular construction projects : a blockchain-based bim frameworkAssaf, Mohamed Kamal Abbas
1996Financial market prediction with intelligent systems : a neural network-expert system hybrid trading system for the Hang Seng Index Futures MarketTang, Tat-ip
2007Financial report assistant XBRL transformerLi, Kay-yuen Mike
1998Financial time series forecasting by neural network using conjugate gradient methodLam, Chi-chung
2017Financial time series forecasting using conditional Restricted Boltzmann MachineLai, Kwok Chung
2017Financial time series modelling in frequency domainTang, Wai Man
2001Financial time series prediction system using resource-allocating network with online adaptive learning algorithmFung, Chi-chung
2007Financial time series representation, visualization and miningFu, Tak-chung
2007Finding and estimating near optimal queriesWong, Wing-sze
2023Finding the found critically locating contextually-reflective photographsMiller, Martin Dean
2017Fine atmospheric particles (PM₂.₅) in large city clusters, China : chemical compositions, temporal-spatial variations and regional transportMing, Li Li
2021Fine particulate matter pollution in selected cities of eastern and southern China : compositions, sources, and impactsXie, Jiawen
2006Fingerprint analyses of AoE Chinese herbal based preparations and their herbal components with combination of chromatographic and chemometric techniquesWei, Shui-yin
2006Fingerprint analysis and pharmacological study on the Chinese medicines : Radix Paeoniae Alba and Radix Puerariae LobataeCheung, Chui-yee