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2013Functional thin-film transistors based on hybrid materialsSun, Zhenhua
2018Functionalization of carbonyl compounds by palladium catalysisFu, Wai Chung
2021Functionalized electrospun scaffold as dressing for skin and bone repairBei, Ho Pan
2013Functions of Chinese classifiers : a syntax-semantics interface accountJin, Jing
2020Fundamental and comprehensive characterization of the mobilisation and blending of aged and unaged binders in reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) mixturesSreeram, Anand
2015A fundamental change in host's perspectives towards the mainland Chinese touristsChui, Xiao Qing Joyce
2020Fundamental investigation on laminar premixed combustion and flame dynamics of bio-syngasZhou, Quan
2010Fundamental research on electronic design automation in VLSI design : routabilityLu, Jingwei
2021Fundamental study of near-limit smouldering fire dynamicsLin, Shaorun
2019Fundamentals of selective ultrasonic brain stimulationQiu, Zhihai
1997Further development of simplified method for bridge design in Hong Kong : slab & slab-on-girder bridgesYeung, Hon-fai
2014Fusion of SNR-dependent PLDA models for noise robust speaker verificationPang, Xiao-min
2002The future development of design and build contract in the construction industry of Hong KongHui, Chun-keung
2004The future of fashion illustrationAu, Wai-man Raymond
2018The future of the home rental phenomenon in the Singapore contextKoh, Boon Wee Edward
2011A fuzzy analytic hierarchy process evaluation of hotel websitesIp, Sze-ting Crystal
1995Fuzzy control methodologies applied to power converter controlChou, Yuk-wah
1999The fuzzy expert system for personal investment strategyWong, Wilson
1999Fuzzy expert system for target marketing planning of an electronics manufacturing companyTong, Ka-hung Shereen
1999A fuzzy expert system for tender mark-up adjudicationChoi, Chu-fan