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2010Feasibility study on the inclusion of a carbon fibre footplate to modify transtibial prosthetic gaitBertels, Steven Lodewijk Ludovica
1994A feasibility study on the privatization of on-street parking enforcement and controlLam, Kwok-ying Tina
2005Feature and model transformation techniques for robust speaker verificationYiu, Kwok-kwong Michael
2021Feature representation for large-scale data setHu, Yanxing
2021Feature representation for mining evolution patterns in dynamic dataYang, Yu
2019Feature representation learning in complex networksShen, Xiao
2006Feature-based terrain model simplificationMatuk, Krzysztof
2013Feature-preserving multilevel halftoning based on threshold decompositionWong, Lai Yan
2009Feature-preserving processing techniques for color filter array imagesChung, King-hong
2004Federated identity in Web servicesCham, Pui-ying
2022Federated learning with GAN-based data synthesis for non-IID clientsLi, Zijian
2022FedPos : a federated transfer learning framework for CSI-based Wi-Fi indoor positioningGuo, Jingtao
2013Feed-forward thalamic modulation and neuroplasticity in the auditory cortexYu, Kai
1999The feedback control of thermal noise from a Rijke tubeLam, Tak-wah
2006FEM modeling and simulation of cutting process in single point diamond turningWu, Hongyu
2011The female kleptomaniacs in Hong KongHo, Wai-lun David
2020Female workforce in a small international ski resort : a case study of Niseko, JapanMorikoshi, Kyoko
1997A feminist analysis of family life education serviceCheung, Sandra Oi-ngor
2018Femtosecond and nanosecond broadband time-resolved spectroscopic study on excited state dynamics of C-rich oligomers, polymeric and natural nucleic acidsChan, Chau Ting
2014Femtosecond broadband time-resolved fluorescence and transient absorption investigation on the excited states of model DNA oligomers containing adenineHo, Yat Fung