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2007Geometric positioning and mapping system by machine vision technologyLai, Chun-cheung
2022Geophysical investigation of the lithospheric structure beneath the Indian OceanRathnayake Mudiyanselage, Samurdhika P R
1995Geotechnical design using fuzzy setsMak, Shu-hei
2016Ghrelin in obesity and metabolic syndromeMa, Ho Man
2008Giant magnetostrictive composites for smart transducer and actuator applicationsLo, Ching-yin
2002GIS aided multi-level fatal traffic accident analysis in Hong KongNg, Kwok-suen
2015GIS analysis of spatial-temporal characteristic of property prices : a case study of Tianjin city residential marketJin, Xin
2001GIS application on 3D automatic deformation monitoring system of the Tsuen Wan bypassYu, Wai-wing Alberich
2000GIS for management of geotechnical monitoring data : a special application to the geotechnical instrumentation program of the West Rail (Hong Kong)Kar, Sai-hoi
2013A GIS-based framework for supporting sustainable land use planning in urban renewal projectsWang, Hao
2002GIS-T application development : a road network path finding system with ORDBMS concepts and an OO programming approachKoo, Wai-chung
2014Giving your money or your philanthropy : a genre approach to analyzing online fundraising genresLiu, Bo
2021Glioblastoma pathogenesis and diagnosisAzam, Md Zulfikar
2022Global dynamics of some predator-prey systems with preytaxisLuo, Yong
2013Global financial crisis : a corpus-based study on metaphorsHo, Nga Man
1999Global transaction management in the Internet environmentLeung, Hin-chun
2003Globalisation in service industriesWhitla, Paul
2004Globalization of electrical appliance suppliers in AsiaChau, Hon-kau
2009Globalization techniques for solving nonlinear problems and applicationsChen, Jinhai
2022Globally and superlinearly convergent algorithms for two-stage stochastic variational inequalities and their applicationsWang, Xiaozhou