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2008FRP-confined RC columns : analysis, behavior and designJiang, Tao
1996Full search & tree search vector quantization of imagesChan, Sai-kin Toby
2019A full-stack approach to implement autonomous driving technology for low-speed delivery applicationsHu, Sai
2017Function-led design of multifunctional stimuli-responsive superhydrophobic surface based on hierarchical graphene-titania nanocoatingLiu, Yang
2014Functional and structural reorganization in relation to functional outcomes after stroke : insights from magnetic resonance imagingWong, Wan Wa
2019Functional characterization and clinical relevance of ubiquitin conjugating enzyme E2T in hepatocellular carcinomaHo, Pui Yu
2018Functional characterization of adipocytes in regulation of liver cancer stem cellsGurung, Shilpa
2009Functional evaluation and indicator analysis of UC-BL foot orthosis in paediatric patients with symptomatic flexible flat feetWu, Kit Don
2005Functional imaging techniques for liver kinetic modelingChen, Sirong
2020Functional intimate apparel for adolescents with scoliosisFok, Lai Hing
2020Functional materials for thermo-regulating textilesJahid, Md Anwar
2021Functional outcomes of a fast-track rehabilitation program for patients with total knee replacementWan, Ka Yan Kania
2017Functional outcomes of patients with flexor tendon injuries in mainland ChinaZhang, Chao
1999Functional poly(methylstyrene) latex particles : synthesis, characterization and applicationsXu, Jianjun
2002Functional profile of Chinese elderly : a validation study on the disability assessment for dementia (Chinese version)Mok, Ching-man Cycbie
2015The functional role of a novel FOXM1/MYH10 protein complex in embryonic stem cells and cancer stem-like cellsHao, Ming
2008Functional role of phosphoinositide-3 kinase delta subunit in glioblastoma cell migrationChan, Wai-mui Ellis
2005Functional studies of PfCRT related to chloroquine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum in Pichia pastorisTai, Kin-ki
2013Functional thin-film transistors based on hybrid materialsSun, Zhenhua
2018Functionalization of carbonyl compounds by palladium catalysisFu, Wai Chung