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2021How does multi-attribute decision-making drive Hong Kong inbound Chinese tourists’ online hotel choice? – A random forest analysisWang, Qiulin
2020How does political power influence resource allocation, evidence from NSF grant in ChinaLiu, Zihua
2014How does social cynicism affect psychological well-being? : The mediating role of attention and memory of negative informationNg, Chi Kit
2008How E-learning can affect student progressionGuan, Ling
1994How EDI enhances the competitive advantages of Hong Kong as an international trading center and gateway of ChinaCheung, Mei-tak Eva
2020How external factors influence inventor productivity?Luo, Yue
2000How has China's balance of trade responded to changes in Renminbi's exchange rate? : an empirical investigationKwong, Siu-ling
2011How important is authenticity?Ho, Tien-Lin Lynn
2003How leaders improve organizational effectiveness under psychological contract violation?Mui, Pak-chin Nick
2017How motor-skill experiences modulate executive control : differentiation of proactive and reactive controlsYu, Qiuhua
2019How neighbors affect the border development at global scaleShen, Zheyan
2011How service use is transformed to social value through customer's identifications : an empirical study of value co-creation in brand communityPoon, Kwok Ho
2014How social media marketing activities affect brand image and resulting purchase intentionLi, Vivian
2016How the Islamic State convinces the world : appraisal analysis on the propaganda video texts of the Islamic State (I.S.)Lun, Pui Yan Lelia
2014How the transmit/receive antennas' polarizations affect indoor wireless radiowave propagation's temporal spreadingSung, Chun Ho
2006How to become a straight man : a study of young Hong Kong heterosexual adult menChan, Cheuk-lun
1998How to manage new product development successfully : a case study of a local watch manufacturing firmWong, Kam-shing
2007How to win in the small woodware industry in China?Liu, Tong
2021How tourism has changed the neighbourhood : the case of Hong KongLo, Siu Kam
1999How will human values influence leadership style : case studies of two companiesChan, Yiu-pun