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2000Multiplexing of fiber optic Bragg grating sensorsChan, Kok-cheung Peter
1996Multiscale tomographic reconstruction by wavelet transformChan, Hei-ping
2000Multisensor fusion for image classificationLau, Wai-leung
1999Multistage fuzzy neural networks : architectures, algorithms and analysisDuan, Ji-cheng
2009Multivariable control of air temperature and humidity in a space served by a direct expansion (DX) air conditioning (A/C) systemQi, Qi
2017Multivariate time series prediction and classification using machine learningChui, Wai Hin
2003Multiwavelength fiber ring lasersTong, Fu-wa
2013Muscle adaptations in rat skeletal muscle from long term habitual exerciseLeung, Ka Chun
2007Musculotendon modeling of the elbow joint for unimpaired subjects and persons after stroke using noninvasive and in vivo informationLi, Le
2015Music analysis by time series data miningWang, Meng
2005Music therapy : an intervention to reduce anxiety in mechanically ventilated patientsChung, Siu-wai Anne
2014Must eagle breed doves? : the joint effect of the characteristics of successors and predecessors on gerenational shadowChen, Litsung Louis
2012Mutation particle swarm optimization for multilayer perceptron training with applicationsWu, Jing
2007Mutational analysis of phosphoinositide-3 kinase (PI3K) genes in high grade glioma cell linesCheng, Wai-wai
2005Mutational analysis of RHO, RDS and PRPF31 genes in Chinese patients with retinitis pigmentosaLim, King-poo
2000Mutational analysis of the glucose-6-phosphate translocase gene involved in the glycogen storage disease type 1bChan, Bik-yan Selena
2001Mutational analysis of the parkin gene in Chinese patients with Parkinson's diseaseTam, Ka-wa
2003Mutational analysis of the RLBP1 and CHM genes in Hong Kong Chinese patients with retinal degenerationChu, Man-yu
1996MW ranking technique in power system and its application in Hong Kong power networkLam, Tim Chor Peter
2012Myopic related retinal changes among the Hong Kong Chinese high myopesCheng, Chi Kwan