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2001Multi-lingual (Cantonese, Mandarin and English) speech recognition and voice response systemLi, Nga-ling Bavy
2010Multi-modal control for multi-robot systemTse, To-pong Jason
2018Multi-objective analysis for assessing the effects of load carriage on the spineLi, Siu Wai
2013Multi-objective generation control and optimization for large-scale power system dispatchZhou, Bin
2015Multi-objective optimal design of electric motor and controller integrated systems based on parameterized FEMYang, Lin
2016Multi-objective optimal design of interior permanent magnet motors using finite element analysisWu, Huihuan
2004Multi-objective optimization of active constrained layer damping treatment for shape control applicationHau, Lap-chi
2011Multi-period empty container repositioning with stochastic demand and lost salesZhang, Bo
2015Multi-period mean-variance asset-liability portfolio selectionWu, Xianping
2015A multi-perspective investigation of the motivational mechanisms underlying knowledge sharing and performanceCheng, Lan
2017A multi-perspective scenario-based roadmapping for strategic planning and technology forecastingCheng, Mei Na
2002Multi-point fiber optic gas sensor systemsHo, Hoi-lut
2001Multi-resolution browsing of web documents in distributed agent environmentYau, M. T. Stanley
2017A multi-scale decision support framework for sustainable urban renewal in high-density cities : a case of Hong KongZheng, Wei
2014A multi-scale finite element model for the analysis of human vertebral columns : from osteocytes to vertebraeKong, Jackson
2012Multi-scale modelling of long-span bridges for health assessment in structural health monitoringYu, Yang
2015Multi-scale structure damage detection using wavelet finite element methodHe, Wenyu
2004Multi-scale study of textile composites under large deformation for energy absorptionLam, Sin-wan Peggie
2013Multi-sensing and multi-scale monitoring of long-span suspension bridgesZhang, Xiao-hua
2015Multi-stage micro deep drawing process of micro cup with domed bottom and it's size effectsLi, Wenting