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2007Investigation on condensation problem in sport center : case study : Tai Po Hui Sport CenterSiu, Yan-kit
2016Investigation on defect formation and dimensional accuracy in micro-forming process using experiments and numerical simulationsWang, Jilai
2011An investigation on design of restaurant review websites from users' perspectiveLee, Chun-kit Alvin
2019Investigation on ductile fracture behaviour and the modified GTN-Thomason fracture criterion in micro-scaled plastic deformation of materialsLi, Wenting
2020Investigation on energy saving potential of novel coating cool roof for buildings in ChinaWu, Tingfeng
2014Investigation on ground coupled heat pump application in the Guangdong regionSun, Jiaju
2021Investigation on how daylight simulation should be used to characterize daylight-related issues for buildings in Hong KongWang, Jun
2010Investigation on low delta-T symptom and building energy performanceShang, Jingfang
2007Investigation on mismatch loss caused by shading in building-integrated photovoltaic systemsCheng, Wai-ching
2020Investigation on multi-core fiber and few-mode fiber and their applications on optical fiber sensingTan, Fengze
2019Investigation on natural and man-made hollow fibres for functional applicationsNg, Pui Fai
2019Investigation on NIR-shielding multifunctional heat insulation coating materials based on ATO for energy saving of buildingsZhong, Hong
2018Investigation on potential, performance and policy of feasible solar PV technologies in buildings in Hong KongSong, Aotian
2013An investigation on public environmental investment in the P.R.C. for sustainable developmentChen, Keyu
2001Investigation on sensing topology for sequential control of chiller plants for efficient operation and controlKwan, Chi-hung Alex
2015Investigation on shape-controlled synthesis of nanoscale composites and their applicationsLin, Mei
2010Investigation on simulating the performance of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) by using EnergyPlusChan, Tsz-ying Jason
2022Investigation on size effect in meso/micro-scaled plastic deformation via compound forming and multi-stage deep drawing techniquesHu, Dien
2008Investigation on spatio-temporal database and spatio-temporal extension for postgreSQLZheng, Weisheng
2022Investigation on superhydrophobic micro/nano-structured surfaces fabricated by ultraprecision machining and hydrothermal synthesis for self-cleaning and corrosion resistanceFu, Yexiang