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2011Nurses' clinical reasoning during care planning for patients with infectious diseases : a descriptive study using think-aloud technique and protocol analysisWu, Jingmei
2002Nurses' experiences in the changes of quality of care resulted from the Hospital Authority's new management initiatives between 1990-2001Ip, Tung-fun Fanny
1998Nurses' job satisfaction : long-term-care vs short-term-care settingsChan, See-lan Shirley
2001Nurses' perception of organizational climate and psychological empowerment in a local acute hospital in Hong KongAu-Yeung, Yuet-king Betty
1999Nurses' perceptions of their roles in resolving ethical dilemmasCheng, Choi-kuen Karen
2012Nurses' preparedness, readiness and competencies for critical incidents to meet the needs of vulnerable clients in Hong KongFung, Wai Man Olivia
1999A nursing assessment of the health status of older people after discharge from hospitalLeung, Mui-ying Rita
2011Nursing students' acceptance of a 3-D virtual classroom in second life for learning personal protective equipmentShang, Sheau Tyan Catherine
2000Nursing students' experiences and perceptions of the nurse mentorship system in a hospital-based nursing educational programmeWong, Sau-ling Acca
1998Nursing students' perspective of clinical role model : implications for nursing educationChau, Wai-ling Florence
2011Nutrition monitoring of head & neck cancer patients undergoing radical radiation therapy : nurse-led nutritional programYuen, Mei-lin
2018Nutritional characteristics of breast milk in Hong Kong lactating womenWong, Wing-si Vincy
2014Obamacare encourage businesses to hire more people ? : an analysis of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama's use of rhetorical questions in the 2012 US presidential election campaignWong, Ming Chiu Steven
2019Object detection in video surveillance using deep learning approachesHe, Chenhang
2018Object detection performance analysis and improvements for passive global navigation satellite system based synthetic aperture radarZheng, Yu
1999Object model verification using knowledge base approachLee, Wai-kit Ricky
2000Object recognition using multi-resolution wavelet transformCheng, Kim-ho
1999Object-oriented approach for timetablingChan, Choi-wing
2016Objective and human subjective evaluation of outdoor thermal comfortZhu, Tianlan
2002Objective and subjective measures of the provision of custom special seating systemChan, Shuk-wai Jenny