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2011Automatic breath signal analysis and system design for medical applicationsGuo, Dongmin
2020Automatic cell manipulation and patterning system using dielectrophoresisHuang, Kaicheng
1999Automatic classification of tropical cyclone intensity from digital infrared satellite imageryLi, Kin-wai
1995Automatic control for active vibration isolation systemWong, Kam-hon Richard
2017Automatic extraction of indoor objects by using lidar point cloudWang, Ruolei
2016Automatic extraction of lexico-semantic information on shape wordsQuattri, Francesca
2005Automatic fusion of photogrammetric imagery and laser scanner point cloudsForkuo, Eric Kwabena
2014Automatic incident detection under no-rain and rain conditionsLi, Xiangmin
2018Automatic information summary and extraction from construction video monitoring systemsChen, Ling
2021Automatic numerical modelling of electric machines and its applicationsChen, Yilin
1999Automatic parameter tuning of PID controllersChan, Yu-tak
2020Automatic physical fatigue assessment for construction workers based on computer vision and pressure insole sensorYu, Yantao
2019Automatic preposition for an integrated virtual fitting solution using human model customisation technologyLi, Runze
2014Automatic recognition of drainage patterns in river networks and its application to generalizationZhang, Ling
1998Automatic recognition of hand-printed Chinese addressSit, Wai-man Raymond
2020Automatic reconstruction and modelling of 3D geometrical surfaces from unstructured point cloudAhmed, Wael Mohamed Sayed
1999The automation of quantity measurement for building services projectsTse, Tao-chiu
2022Automation of ultrasound assessment of scoliosis with robotic scanningVictorova, Maria
2023Autonomous flight in unknown and dynamic environmentChen, Han
2014Autonomous FPGA-based gaming consoleLi, Yu