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1998Scheduling of harbour tugboat servicesLi, Pok-yan
2015Scheduling of production and maintenance operations with mold maintenance considerationWong, Chun Sing
2004Scientific investigation of putative health benefits of Ganoderma lucidumWachtel-Galor, Sissi
2019Screening and non-operative management of adolescent idiopathic scoliosisZheng, Yu
2010Screening sequence variations by high resolution melting analysis and investigating the role of opticin gene (OPTC) rare variants in high myopiaJap, Ching-pui Becky
2016Scrutinizing urban development in local China : financialization, land acquisition, and resident resettlementLiu, Yuyang
2013The SCS model assisted by GIS in estimation of urban stormwater flood in Hong KongXue, Chen
2009Sea carriers' liabilities in relation to bills of lading in Hong KongLin, Ying-kwan Olive
2010Seal trap performance in high-rise drainage systemsFu, Chen
2003Search engine selection with hierarchical categorizationShiu, Koon-hang
2016Seasonal underground cold storage system for air conditioning in cold climate regionsDong, Ji Shuai
2000Second order integrated analysis and design of large span structureNg, Pak-cheong
2007Second-order analysis and design of angle trusses and framesCho, Suk-han
2012Second-order analysis of imperfect light-weight and composite structuresFong, Man
2014Second-order design and advanced analysis of hybrid steel and concrete framed structuresLiu, Siwei
2017Second-order direct analysis and design of long-span space roof trussTan, Weiqi
2016Second-order methods for nonconvex optimization : theory and complexity analysisWang, Hong
2018Secure fast handoff in IEEE 802.11-based wireless mesh networksYao, Gang
2010A secure fast handoff protocol for inter-WLAN roaming in 3G-WLAN interworking networksChen, Haitao
2011Secure radio link based on AES with low cost MCUKwan, King-lok