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2009The resort hotel experience : conceptualization, measurement, and relation to antecedents and consequencesYang, Yun Sunny
2016Resource allocation and performance optimization in full-duplex MIMO/OFDMA systemsJiang, Yunxiang
2018Resource management for cloud data centersWang, Jing
2013Resource modelling and allocation for stochastic retailer demandNing, Andrew
2007Resource-constrained Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) : stochastic simulation and optimizationLam, Hoi-ching
1996Respiratory protection expert systemYung, Kin-wai
1996Responding to students' writingLi, Yuk-yi Vivian
2018Response covariance-based multi-sensing damage detection of civil structuresLin, Jianfu
2003Response of tissue to dynamic loading during wheelchair propulsion : an investigation on the etiology of pressure soresTam, Wing-cheung Eric
2005Response of transfer plate when subjected to earthquakeLi, Chi-shing
2008Response properties and functional interactions of auditory thalamus and cortex in the guinea pigZhang, Zhuo
2010Response strategies to contract violation in channel relationship : antecedents and consequencesFok, Yuk-fung Josephine
2011Responses of photonic crystal fibres to pressure, axial strain and temperaturePang, Meng
2006Responses to thermal stimulation in persons with central poststroke pain : sensory decision theory analysisLo, Shuk-man
2017Responsive lanthanide complexes for recognition of bio-speciesYip, Yuk Wang
1995Restructuring of a mature organization : a case study of a local Chinese bankWong, Ka-wing
2001The restructuring of the local administration in Hong Kong : an exploratory study on the fate of the Urban and Regional councilsLo, Yau-lun Alan
2002Retail quality improvement through customer contact : a quasi-experiment in the Hong Kong jewelry industryChu, Kwok-keung Eric
1999Rethinking Alfred Schutz's life-world-spousal sexuality of Hong Kong Chinese couple as a case in pointHo, Wing-chung
2009Rethinking construction project management using the VP-based manufacturing management modelGuo, Hongling