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2000Bandwidth allocation algorithms in ATM networksLaw, Man-man
1998Bankruptcy prediction and credit evaluation for small and medium size enterprises : a neural networks-expert system hybrid approachTsang, Shu-fung
2011Banner advertisement and negative online reviews : an analysis of their interaction in customers' perception of hotel imageChen, Yanbin
1999BaPbO3/PE composite for PTCR applicationsYue, I-hung Raymond
2009Barium Strontium Titanate ferroelectric tunable photonic and phononic crystalsJim, Kwok-lung
2006Barium strontium titanate thin films for electro-optic applicationsWang, Danyang
2008Barium zirconate titanate thin films for tunable microwave applicationsYun, Pan
2010Barriers to application of fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) techniques to air-conditioning systems in buildings in Hong KongLee, Sze-hung
2012Barriers to Building Energy Efficiency (BEE) promotion : a transaction costs perspectiveQian, Kun Queena
2015BAS integration and remote monitoring of campus building systemsCheng, Chung Yip
2002Base isolated structures : a view on reliability and affordabilityWan, Tak-wan
2018Basic research in wireless inductive power transferHuang, Zhicong
2007Batch scheduling problemsLiu, Lili
2000Battery energy storage system for transient stability enhancement and power system damping improvementTsang, Man-wai
2013A battery switching logistics operations model for electric vehiclesWong, Wai Chi
2005The bawdy bard in China : a study of the translation of Shakespeare's sexually and scatologically suggestive languageTien, Yuk Sunny
2020A Bayesian blind source separation by embedding Gaussian process prior and applications on structural health monitoringXu, Chi
2021A Bayesian comparison in Stan and NIMBLE by trimmed mean regressionZhang, Lulu
2018A bayesian probabilistic approach for structural damage detectionWei, Yuanhao
2017Bayesian-based methodology for progressive structural health evaluation and prediction by use of monitoring dataWang, Youwu