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1997Performance study of the ultrasonic wire bonder used in microelectronic packagingOr, Siu-wing
2009Performance study on organic and nitrogen removal of leachate by a two-stage oxic-anoxic biological aerated filter (OABAF) systemMa, Li
2011Performance study on organic and nitrogen removal of leachate by a two-stage oxic-anoxic biological aerated filter (OABAF) system with the addition of micronutrientsWai, Cham Man
2020Performance-based assessment of glass cladding in tall structures under typhoons (computational-based)Zeng, Fengfan
2014Performance-based regulation in Hong Kong electricity marketZhao, Yong Jin
1998Performance-related pay : an investigation of factors influencing its effective implementationFung, Kit-lin Stella
2015The performances and mechanisms of Cd(II) and Cr(VI) removal by a low-cost filamentous fungal biomassLo, Lai Shan
2008Performances of the a new thermal storage material combined with chilled-ceiling systemHan, Yu
2002Performing geriatric fall prevention assessment through teleconferencing: feasibility studyTo, Wing-kin
2021Peripheral muscle fatigue revealed by near-infrared spectroscopy and surface electromyographyTan, Qitao
2014Peripheral refraction and peripheral eye length in myopic progression and myopic controlLee, Tsui Tsui
2020Peripheral refraction, central retinal function and thickness in children with myopia developmentLi, Zhechuang
2000Permanency planning among aging Chinese mothers as caregivers of adult-children with developmental disabilityLau, Miu-chun
2006The persistent legacy of colonialism in tourism : the case of small islandsL'espoir Decosta, Jean-Noel Patrick
2021Person re-identification with deep learningLi, Jiaying
2003Person-environment fit and work performance in the hotel industry of Hong KongChan, Po-wan Paul
1996'Person-environment fit' model and the attraction and retention of employees in the tourism industry : an exploratory studyChan, Po-wan Paul
2011Personal authentication using Finger-Knuckle-PrintZhang, Lin
2010Personal knowledge management of knowledge workers : an analysis on healthcare professionalsLee, Wai-kee
2001A personal profiling approach for caching and prefetching in distributed virtual environmentChim, Ho-pan Jimmy