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1999Piezoelectric properties of III-V nitridesLueng, Chiu-ming
2007Piezoelectric transducers for nebulizer applicationXu, Wencheng
2005A pilot evaluation of a guided protocol for management of behaviour and psychological problem of dementia (BPSD) in care facilities in communityKwok, Man-yuk Cordelia
2016A pilot randomized controlled trial of nanocrystalline silver dressing against manuka honey dressing and conventional dressing in healing diabetic foot ulcerTsang, Ka Kit
2006A pilot study : the effectiveness of music therapy in managing challenging behaviors of people with intellectual disabilitiesLuk, Wai-yin Becky.
2015Pilot study of relationship between vitamin D and oxidative stressTam, Man Chun
1999A pilot study of the goal attainment program for in-patients with schizophrenia in Hong KongNg, Fung-leung Bacon
2008A pilot study on : the effects of group versus individual motor training on motor performance in children with developmental coordination disorderHung, Wai-yi Winnie
2001A pilot study on a speech therapy assistant program in a district hospitalTsui, Man-yee Anita
2010A pilot study on effectiveness of Metacognitive Training for individuals with schizophreniaTsang, Lai-yin
1999A pilot study on testing of full denitrification in existing leachate treatment works of north east New Territories (NENT) landfillChan, Chung-tak Thomas
2000A pilot study on the job satisfaction of healthcare assistants and their performance in Shatin Hospital and Kowloon HospitalChan, M. Y. Linda
2024Pitch variation in Cantonese-speaking children and adults with apraxia of speechWong, Chun Ho
2019Place attachment, clustering, and performance : an empirical case study of the food and beverage industry in Feng Chia business district, TaiwanKuo, Hsin Ling Shirley
2013The place of pedagogical practice wisdom in social work practice teaching in Hong KongCheung, Oi Ngor
2022Placemaking and revival in heritage conservation areas located in the Chinese urban centresZhang, Suxin
2020Plane extraction from inhomogeneous point clouds and plane-to-plane alignmentsFan, Wenzheng
2024Planning and design optimization of air-conditioning systems for high-tech cleanrooms of enhanced energy efficiency under full-range climate conditionsZhao, Wenxuan
2018The planning and development of an event portfolio in an urban destinationLeung, Kit Ling
2004Planning and implementing of computerized supply chain management systemsLi, Oi-chun Helen