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2006Role of phosphoinositide 3-kinase delta (PI3K[delta]) in glioblastoma cell linesNg, Kwok-hong Peter
2004The role of procurement in the development of core competence for company to sustain competitivenessHong, Pui-i
2018Role of proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory adipokines in metabolic diseasesSupriya, Rashmi
2023The role of quadriceps properties and knee biomechanics in the development of clinical knee osteoarthritisLi, Zongpan
2021The role of relative peripheral refraction in myopia control using myopic defocusZhang, Hanyu
2009The role of sequence variations in the lumican (LUM) gene in high myopiaPoon, Suet-ching
2015The role of social entrepreneurial competence in resource acquisition in social entrepreisesLeung, Pak Hang
2014The role of social networking sites in facilitating attendee's conference experience : a case studyZhang, Ao Shuang
2000Role of support elements in the relationship between work-family conflicts and organizational & individual outcomesChak, Siu-kuen Amy
2022The role of TAK1 in microglia during retinal degeneration in rd10 mouse model of human retinitis pigmentosaYang, Wei
2008The role of the party secretary in firm corporate governance and business performance : evidence from listed enterprises in ChinaLi, Siu-kei
2006The role of thioredoxin system in oxidative stress and cell agingLam, Suk-mi Levina
2022Role of Ulk1b-regulated autophagy in zebrafish definitive hematopoiesisHasan, Kazi Md Mahmudul
2008Role of working memory in kinaesthetic motor imagerySung, Ying-yuk Connie
2023Role(s) of interpreter in live-streaming E-commerce interpretingZha, Jianshe
1999Roles and contributions of human resource management in quality program : experience from ISO 9000 certified companies in Hong KongLam, Wai-man Patrick
2001The roles and skills of training professionals in Hong Kong : the competency programme for the 21st centuryLau, Kwai-sheung Bertha
2021The roles of cell stiffness in tumor cell tumorigenicity and nanoparticle-based mechanotargeting of soft cancer stem cellChen, Xi
2010The roles of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) and apolipoprotein A1 (ApoA1) in avian eye growth -a proteomic approachChun, Ka-man
2015Roles of depth of vocabulary knowledge in EFL learner's writing proficiencyLin, Hua Fang