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2018Macau as a travel destination : a segmentation approach by greater China visitors' perception and preferencesPang, Wai Ling Loretta
2003Machine condition monitoring by time : frequency analysis on start up and shut down signalsLau, Wing-keung
2002Machine layout of manufacturing cell with fix-proportion and varying product mix patternChan, Wai-ming
2018Machine learning approach for predicting the elastic properties and glass forming ability of metallic glassesXiong, Jie
2021Machine learning approach for predicting the tensile strength of high entropy alloysLi, Bowen
2013Machine learning approaches for visual object detectionSun, Chensheng
2021Machine learning assisted software defect predictionXu, Zhou
2023Machine learning based methods for tree species classification from handheld LiDAR dataWang, Meilian
2022Machine learning for facial-expression recognitionZhao, Rui
2022Machine learning for financial analystsCui, Yi
2023Machine learning for human activity analysis and recognitionLiu, Tianshan
2022Machine learning for image super-resolution in real-world applicationsXiao, Jun
2019Machine reading comprehension with deep neural networksWu, Zongheng
1998Machine scheduling problems with a common due windowYeung, Wing-kwan
2022Machine-aided online user engagementsLu, Zexin
2017Macroeconomic policy, foreign hedging, and exchange rateChen, Bing Ming
2009Magnetic and electrical properties of transition-metal-doped oxide thin filmsLam, Ching-yee
2015Magnetic and fluorescent Fe₃O₄@SiO₂-GQDs-FA nanoparticles for simultaneous dual modal imaging and targeted drug deliverySu, Xiaoqian
1998Magnetic field analysis on 220KV outdoor switching stationHo, Suk-kau Tenly
2018Magnetic field assisted ultra-precision machining for improving machinability of titanium alloysYip, Wai Sze