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1998The accuracy of quantity surveyor's pre-tender estimates for the HousingAuthority building projectsWan, Pui-wah Peggy
1998Acoustic wave propagation through resonating devices : design of acoustic waveguide filtersLai, Yun-kwok
1998Active noise cancellation for the radiated noise out of ventilation exhaust systems in buildingsCheng, Shuk-fong Justine
1998Alternative dispute resolution : effectiveness & its acceptability to the construction industry of the HKSARTam, Po-kuen
1998Alternatives for nickel as barrier coating for intermetallic migrationChow, Kam-moon
1998The analysis of combined forecastWan, Sai-cheong
1998Analysis of deep excavationChan, Kin-kwan
1998Analysis of single-phase single-stage power-factor-corrected switching convertersVenkata, Murali S
1998An analysis on the development of bulk pharmaceutical industry in China Mainland and TaiwanLiu, Wen-ching
1998Analytical studies on N-nitroso and related compoundsCheng, Chi-fai Raymond
1998Antecedents and outcomes of work-family conflict among administrative, managerial and professional staff in Hong KongKam, Wai-chun
1998Application of finite difference method in quasi-static analysis of shielded planer transmission linesLo, Sau-nga Annie
1998Application of fuzzy logic processing in tender evaluationLiu, Sing-hei James
1998Application of genetic algorithm in reactive power/voltage control problemLai, Wai-man Raymond
1998Application of heuristic techniques for SONET transport network planningLam, Siu-keung
1998Application of the symbolic and numerical computing programme Mathematica for simulating compartmental firesMok, Kwok-fai
1998Applying a genetic fuzzy approach for stock price predictionLee, Che-keung
1998Are satisfied customers the key to maintaining sales? : an investigation of the effectiveness of customer satisfaction and organizational socialization in customer retentionSun, Wai Jose
1998Assertiveness and its measurement in Hong Kong nursesAu, Sin-ting Cindy
1998Assessing the perceived impact on organization performance of continuous quality improvement at a district hospitalChui, Yeuk-ping Maria