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20043D visualization of the IHO standard electronic navigational chart dataset with a marine GIS modelChau, Chun-ming
2004Accommodative responses in non-Chinese adults, Chinese adults and Chinese children and their association with myopia development in Chinese childrenYu, Sin-ying
2004Activity-based costing/management for the extended enterprise operation of manufacturing company in PRCYau, Sai-ming Simon
2004Adoption of vendor managed inventory systems in the aviation industry : an empirical analysisOr, Suk-fun
2004Advanced diagnostics and inspection of common foundation elements in Hong Kong using ultrasonic non-destructive testing and evaluation techniquesChan, Wan-yin Fiona
2004Advanced transducer technologies for electrical connections in microelectronic packagingLi, Hing-leung
2004Analysis and design of switching converters for power factor correction applicationsLu, Dah-chuan Dylan
2004An analysis of online pricing practice in Hong Kong's hotel industryTso, Ying-ying Angie
2004Analysis of the container port industry using efficiency measurement : a comparison of China with its international counterpartsWang, Tengfei
2004Application of chromatographic and chemometrics techniques to enhance chemical analysis of sheng mai san, cinnamomi cortex, radix ligustici chuanxiongand other Chinese herbal medicinesTo, Man-ling
2004Application of global positioning system in container terminal industryYeung, Chi-on Andy
2004Application of six sigma strategy in logistics fulfillmentLeung, Sau-fong Phyllis
2004Applications of GIS for managing the indoor air quality impacts of renovation workWong, Chor-tung
2004Audit quality and earnings management : empirical evidence from China's stock marketQiu, Aini
2004Authenticating personal identities using palmprint recognitionLi, Wenxin
2004Balance performance between community-dwelling stroke fallers and non-fallersCheung, Yik-mei
2004BFZQ 華強北路營業部客戶滿意度研究報告牛秋芳; Niu, Qiufang
2004Brand management in China's hotel industryChen, Mengchao Michael
2004Buckling of extensively welded steel cylindrical shells under axial compressionLin, Xiang
2004Business intelligence supports for management processYu, Tai-tei