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2007A 2D variable reluctance planar motorPan, Jianfei
2007AC to DC conversion improvement techniques in switching converters and their applicationsLiu, Chui-pong
2007Adaptive methods for tropical cyclone prediction from time-series satellite dataFeng, Bo
2007Advanced nonlinear finite element investigation into structural behaviour of composite beamsWang, Juan Aaron
2007Agent-based airfreight planning system for IATA-compliant containers with bin packing heuristics and a genetic algorithmCheng, Greenie
2007An agent-based framework to support collaborative product designWang, Jianxun
2007Ai-Times : a parallel web news retrieval systemLuo, Weidong
2007All-optical packet switching with all-optical header processing using fabry-perot laser diodeLui, Luen-fu
2007An analysis of the Chinese group tourists' dining-out experiences while holidaying in Australia and its contribution to their visit satisfactionChang, Ching-yu Richard
2007Analysis of vibration and squeal noise of a brake rotor using a simplified modelZhang, Fang
2007Application of fire dynamic simulator on the performance of a typical refuge floor in Hong Kong's residential buildingsWong, Kwong-ming
2007Application of industrialized housing system in major cities in China : a case study of ChongqingPan, Yu-hong
2007Applications of chromatographic, chemometric techniques and in-vitro bioassay to investigate the Chinese medicines, Radix Ginseng, Radix Panacis Quinquefolii, Ganoderma amboinense, Danggui Buxue Tang and RDLPLau, Tsui-yan
2007Applying paperless management in constructional engineeringShi, Yuchen.
2007Applying RFID in logistics management : perception of telecommunication service providersCheung, Kam-fun Anita
2007Appropriate emotional display at work and climate for service : a multilevel study of Chinese retail sales associatesLau, K. K. Peter
2007Arrangements of medical savings accounts and equity in access to health care : assessing two MSA programs in ChinaHuang, Jie
2007Artificial intelligence integrated construction simulation methodChan, Wah-ho
2007Assessing response of thermal sensitive elements by a wind tunnelCheng, Chak-kit