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2008Accounting conservatism and the structure of CEO compensationWen, Yantu
2008Active loss pair measurementFok, Wai-ting
2008Adaptive dynamic game balancing based on data mining of sequential patternsChiu, Suk-yi Kitty
2008Adaptive wavelet and multiwavelet denoisingMa, Chun-yat
2008An advanced controller for hybrid stepper motor with novel damping techniqueTsui, Wang-hay Kenneth
2008Advanced digital VCR for compressed videosFu, Chang-hong
2008Advertising discourses and social changes in China : an investigation of the changing advertising discourses in Yangcheng Evening News and Nanfang Daily from 1980 to 2002Feng, Jieyun
2008Agent-based model personalized learning support system for programming (PLESS)Chiu, Kin-fung
2008Agricultural lot boundary re-establishment by old aerial photograph and topographic mapZhang, Ran
2008Airfreight cargo packing heuristics : a cost comparisonSuo, Na
2008AlGaN/GaN based HEMT structures and applicationsJha, Shrawan Kumar
2008Analgesic effects of auricular transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) after abdominal hysterectomyTsang, Hin-cheung
2008Analysis of exponentially decaying pulse signals and weak unsteady signals using statistical approachChan, Chun-man
2008Analysis, modelling and robust control of automotive HID headlight systemsDong, Ping
2008The application of Ajax in web GISLiang, Yanshou
2008The application of chiral phosphorus ligands in the catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation of heteroaromatic compoundsTang, Weijun
2008Application of MPCM slurry with cooled ceiling to realize a low energy building designWang, Xichun
2008Articulatory-feature based pronunciation modelling for high-level speaker verificationZhang, Shixiong
2008Aspects on fire safety for the retail areas at the airport terminal in Hong KongNg, Min-yee Candy
2008Auditing organizational knowledge assets : case study in a power company of Hong KongShek, Wah-yan