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201421st century's Sherlock Holmes : comparative study of BBC's Sherlock and CBS's elementaryPoo, See Wei
20143D morphology based automatic crater detection on digital elevation modelsQiao, Si Joyce
2014Academic vocabulary in writing by Chinese EFL learnersChang, Congcong
2014Accident analyses in Hong Kong : accident blackspot identification, casualty injury severity and before-after analysisYe, Daojun
2014Accurate iris recognition at-a-distance and under less constrained environmentsTan, Chun Wei
2014Achieving service excellence : interpersonal metafunction analysis of the staff handbook of Cathay Pacific Airways and Hong Kong Dragon AirlinesWai, Ka Ki
2014Acoustical insertion loss of a modified plenum window in different configurations and settingsYim, Jack Tsz Hong
2014Acquisition problems with "also" in Chinese-English interlanguageSu, Pingping
2014Active control of a turbulent round jet based on unsteady microjetsZhang, Pei
2014Acute DNA protective effect of concord grape juiceShing, Lai Yin
2014Adaptation based-analysis of verbal humor in how I met your motherWu, Qing Qing Beryl
2014The addition and omission of the English definite article : the by ESL / EFL learners --- a qualitative SFL investigationJin, Ying Blair
2014Administrative skills for social workers : an exploratory study on what is taught? What is practised?Wong Fung-yee Margaret
2014Adsorption of SDS from greywater on CTAB and its analogues modified Na-zeoliteTang, Hui
2014Adversative and concessive conjunctions in Chinese EFL writing : a functional perspectiveZhang, Yan
2014Aging effect on egocentric and allocentric frames of reference in visual attention : an event-related potential (ERP) studyAu, Kai-ming Brian
2014Analysis and development of short-distance wired communicationsNg, Chi-wai
2014Analysis of long-term monitoring data obtained by an optical fiber sensory system deployed on Dongjiang water mainsXie, Qian-li
2014Analysis of MYB expression and MYB translocations in salivary gland and lacrimal gland adenoid cystic carcinomasNg, Po Wah Lawrence
2014Analysis of seasonal variation and impact factors of PM2.5 in urban area of BeijingLiu, Yi