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2015Adaptive and parallel variational multiscale method for the Navier-Stokes equationsXie, Cong
2015Adaptive path planners for mobile robotsChan, Ki Chun
2015Adolescents' experiences of living in poverty and implications for social work practiceWong, Kwai Yau
2015Advanced analysis and design of axial compression members with high-strength steelLi, Tianji
2015Advanced system restoration and load modeling in modern powerHou, Jia
2015Aerodynamics of high-speed train entering a tunnelZhang, Qi
2015Air pollution exposure and the health impact on school children in Asian citiesLee, Sin Hang
2015All-elastomer sensor technology for three-axial contact force measurementWang, Fei
2015Anaerobic fluidized-bed membrane bioreactor with greywater for water reuseTang, Lu
2015Analyses of customer dissatisfiers in hotel online reviews and the consequences of customer dissatisfactionKim, Bona
2015Analysis and control of fan noise within a converging duct section of limited lengthXi, Qiang
2015Analysis and design of a novel nonlinear vibration isolator and its applicationsSun, Xiuting
2015Analysis of Chinese LBSN business models based on four-box approachWan, Qifan
2015Analysis of dual-listed companies in mainland and Hong KongBai, Yu
2015An analysis of online pricing behaviour of hotels in Hong KongMohammed, Ibrahim
2015The analysis of the code switching phenonmenon among overseas-returning Hong Kong peopleLuk, Wing To Bella
2015Analysis of wind environment and thermal environment using CFD technology, a study in Harbor City and Mongkok districtOuyang, Shanlan
2015Analysis, design and testing of nonlinear QZS-based sensor systems for measurement of absolute vibration motionWang, Yu
2015Analyzing and predicting risks of infectious diseases by geographic information scienceWang, Bin
2015Announcement premium : a price-correction-based explanationKong, Kwok Wai