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2016Absorbent fibers manufactured from polyacrylonitrile and silkLee, Ka I
2016Academic satisfaction in hospitality and tourism education in Hong Kong : the influence of active learning, academic motivation and student engagementChau, Shuk-mun Salott
2016Achieving integrity : a study of the stories of six social work teachers in Mainland China on their identity formationFok, Siu Ling
2016Active noise control for fan ductZhang, Yanan
2016Activity recognition for health care and individual safety using wireless technologies and smartphonesWen, Jiaqi
2016The acute effect of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) on oxidative stress and antioxidant statusLee, Oi Yin
2016Adverbs of quantification in Mandarin ChineseSun, Jiaming
2016Aesthetic appreciation and creativityKe, Xudong
2016The affordable housing demand and supply for the lower middle-income groups in Xiamen cityRuan, Ruolin
2016Ageing effects on stimulus-induced motor preparation processes : an event-related potential studyWang, Xin
2016An agent-based platform for decision making on the green retrofit of public buildingsLiang, Xin
2016Aging and safety performance : a statistical analysis of unsafe behaviors among construction workersYin, Qin
2016Analysis and design of high noise insulation windowsZhang, Wanxin
2016Analysis and design of vehicle seat suspension based on bio-inspired structure and stewart platformHu, Feizhou
2016An analysis of (im)politeness strategies in complaint lettersPak, Wai-man Raymond
2016Analysis of consolidation settlements of soils with creep under various conditions using a finite element model and simple methodsLiu, Dong
2016Analysis of direct and indirect property markets in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and SingaporeLi, Zhantao
2016An analysis of prodromal symptoms leading to a stroke from a pathographic perspectiveChan, Sunshine
2016Analysis, design, and applications of switched-capacitor convertersCheung, Chun Kit
2016Analyzing e-marketing strategies in luxury hotel chainsLam, Christina