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20213D ear anthropometry and its application in product design for the Chinese populationFu, Fang
20213D-mapping-aided GNSS real-time kinematics in urban environmentsNg, Hoi Fung
2021Achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs) : sustainable supply chain management in the fashion industryCai, Yajun
2021Acoustic and speech signal classification : from features to classifiersJiang, Yuechi
2021Acoustic impedance of micro-perforated panels under complex grazing flow conditionQi, Chunhui
2021Adaptive textiles for thermal management using wool fibersIqbal, Mohammad Irfan
2021Additive manufacturing-driven thin film ultrasound sensors : from sensing ink development to applications in ultrasonics-based structural health monitoringZhou, Pengyu
2021Adiponectin as a rapid-acting antidepressant : an investigation of its mechanisms of actionFormolo, Douglas Affonso
2021The adoption of open innovation as a form of management innovation and its impact on individualsRahimli, Narmina
2021Advanced polymeric materials for the enhanced performance of energy storage devicesWang, Jingwei
2021All-optical modulation of linear and nonlinear emissions in plasmonic nanogap systemsLiu, Danjun
2021Analysis and design of a field robot in tough working environmentsZhang, Yuzhou
2021Analysis and design of nonlinear damping and its applicationsBian, Jing
2021Analysis and optimal design of a multi-DOF vibration isolation platformYu, Shihao
2021Analysis and synthesis of nonlinear dynamic systems based on fuzzy model and frequency domain methodLi, Jingying
2021Analysis of office building energy performance classification in Hong KongXu, Zuoqi
2021Analysis of students’ anxiety on admission essay questions for MA English-related students in HKWang, Yuke
2021An analysis of the effects of a training course on plain English writing strategies in a Hong Kong workplace environmentCharles, Richard Johnathan Clifford
2021Antioxidative role of autophagy in the protection against in vitro and in vivo oxidative stress-induced models of age-related retinal degenerationAbokyi, Samuel
2021Application of novel methods for the measurement of acidic ultrafine particles in the atmosphereLu, Haoxian