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1994Concurrent program development environmentChan, Chi-fai Manfred
1994A congestion control study in ATM networksChan, Chi-pang
1994Constructing a stock valuation model for the Hang Seng Index constituentstocks : APT approachYung, Wai-kai Calfred
1994The contributions of the information systems for achieving the ISO 9000 in electronic industryTsui, Tak-wing
1994Cost effective image compression/decompression and VLSI implementationTu, Chak-ming
1994The creation & sustainment of competitive advantage, through strategic management, for a small construction company in Hong Kong by the name of Hsiang Tai Contracting Company LimitedYu, Tai-jor Gerald
1994The critical success factors of Hong Kong property developers : any management theory behind?Wong, Bruce Chun-cheong
1994Data conversion, updating and integration of lis data in a CAD systemLaw, Shui-yin Jane
1994A decision support system for capital investmentWong, Ip-tong Vincent
1994Decision support system for carpark management in pulic housing estates under the privatization schemeChow, Yiu-hing Rita Anna
1994Determinants of IT application to auditing in Hong Kong CPA firmsTam, Irene O. L
1994Developing an interest rate hedging strategy for a USD100 million syndicated loanNg, Hon-pong Joseph
1994Development of a competitive strategy for card retention through an empirical study on the attrition of Diners Club cardLi, Po-ngor Katherine
1994The development of an expert system to support the management of water treatment operationsLam, Kam-fai
1994A document image understanding systemKwong, Wai-chuen
1994Dye-sensitized photo-oxidation process for disinfection of secondary municipal wastewater in Hong KongMa, Wing-tak
1994An efficient semi-implicit finite element scheme for two-dimensional moving boundary tidal flow problemsFung, Yat-fu Wilson
1994Eigenvector analyses of subsynchronous resonanceWan, Chi-shing
1994Engineering design productivity improvement tools for toysLee, Keung
1994Enhancing the effectiveness of planning department's information system : the end-users' perspectiveChan, Michael Chun-fung