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2001Accessibility of office buildings and exterior environment under the influence of the Disability Discrimination OrdinanceLi, Tak-chuen
2001Accuracy and reliability of the Shin-Nippon SRW-5000 open-field autorefractor, and tonic accommodation and accommodative lag in Hong Kong children from 4 to 8 years of ageChat, Wing-shan Sandy
2001Acetone-induced photodegradation of organic dyes in the presence of hydrogen sourceTsui, Sui-mei Shadow
2001Acoustic sensors using 0-3 nanocompositesLau, Sien-ting
2001Acoustics control of room ventilatorsNg, Fung-lin
2001Advanced chemical oxidation treatment of dye wastewater and remediation of chlorinated aromatic dyes (CADs) polluted soil by surfactant micellar/UV systemMa, Chi-wai
2001Advances on stochastic traffic assignment model for driver information system applicationsChan, King-sun
2001Analysis of international sporting goods market competition and strategies in the Asia/Pacific region with emphasis on competitive advantage towards market leadershipWong, Po-cheong
2001Analysis of pile group and pile cap using elasticity theoryLee, Kin-wa
2001An analysis of requests made by Arab and Scandinavian writers in terms of politeness, request, and rhetorical strategies in written business context with English as a lingua francaNg, Yuen-ha Polly
2001An analysis of the use of politeness strategies in letters of complaint and letters of adjustment in a Hong Kong English newspaperLau, Mei-kuen Janet
2001An analysis on persuasive communication to influence voter's decisionsChan, Fuk-cheung
2001Analytical study of pile foundations using conventional and rigorous approachesTsang, Siu-wan Sandy
2001The application of business intelligence for banking industrySy, Nicole
2001Application of design of experiment and virtual experiment to leadframe downset problemYu, Tsz-kit
2001Application of prefabricated concrete components in the local construction industryLeung, N. F. Eric
2001The application of quality function deployment for improving a distance-learning program for the clothing industry in Hong Kong : a cast studyChan, Yin-ping
2001Application of quality function deployment in identifying market segment of kid's apparel of the Disney Store (Hong Kong) LimitedChan, Kam-sau Eva
2001Appropriate workplace strategies in Hong KongTam, Sau-ngan Kanas
2001Asbestos-containing materials' hazard in schoolTam, Wing-chuen Andy